Living in a country where it’s always bikini season, and tights are an option rather than a necessity, shaving can be impractical. The zenith of beauty routines everywhere is glossy, smooth skin. Those of us who are sensitive types know all too well the hazards of razors and wax – dryness and ingrown hairs.

Laser hair removal is a handy solution. Banishing dark, thick hairs without damaging the surrounding skin sounds too good to be true, so we thought we’d find out for ourselves.

What: Two sessions of Laser Hair Removal

Where: Rebecca Treston @ Euromed Clinic, Dubai

The treatment: We begin with a consultation with Rebecca to assess our suitability. Fair skin and dark hair works best – perfect for us. After being given the green light, we apply a layer of numbing cream and head to the treatment room.

The Cynosure Elite System is a special kind of laser that works on two wave lengths, making for better results. The laser delivers short zaps to the skin, causing a burning sensation. It’s similar to being hit with an elastic band repeatedly – not unbearable, but certainly uncomfortable. On our second visit to the clinic, the intensity of the laser is turned up, making it slightly more shoes for the festive season

The results: The first treatment provided the most noticeable hair loss. About 50 per cent of hairs on the lasered area were miraculously gone, and most of them never came back. After the second treatment we didn’t need to shave for three weeks! Although there’s still hair there, we’re well on our way to glassy smooth skin.

The details: Prices start at Dhs600 for three small areas.

Contact: (04) 3945422