French niche brand, L’Artisan Parfumeur, is a fragrance oasis abundant with botanical-inspired scents. General Manager Reyes Lezcano takes us on the brand’s olfactory journey – from its early beginnings to recipe development.

What are the DNA pillars that define the L’Artisan Parfumeur as a brand?

Founded in 1976 by Jean Laporte, a visionary ahead of his time, he established one of the very first niche perfume brands. His innovative creative approach was based on freedom, a deep passion for exquisite raw materials and ingredients, and a fascination with craftsmanship. Since we’ve taken the responsibility, we aim to pay tribute to his spirit and vision. We’ve returned to the fundamentals: working hand in hand with the perfumer, in a wholly organic way, respecting olfactory creation, and pursuing thoroughness in our ideas. L’Artisan Parfumeur is a brand committed to celebrating various artisanal professions: the perfumer’s craft, as well as that of the artisans, architects, and artists. Every form of craftsmanship has a place with us. Ultimately, it’s this heritage and innovative character that we aim to perpetuate through our creations at L’Artisan Parfumeur.

What goes into the creation of a new fragrance – does it start with a story or from a material?

Our creative process with perfumers is organic and natural, allowing each project to evolve naturally. This approach results in some projects, like À fleur de Pêche, coming to fruition quickly due to the spontaneous emergence of ideas. On the other hand, some projects require a more extended exploration of notes, as was the case with the Potager collection. This was our first time emphasising these particular olfactory signature notes so strongly in a perfume. We don’t adhere to a systematic method but prefer a more organic and unstructured approach, respecting the perfumer’s choices and the natural progression of the creative process.

Is there a common fragrant thread that connects all the scents at L’Artisan Parfumeur?

The house values time, the human touch, and know-how. We seek to bring together fragrance expertise in all areas of the creative process, and work with the best noses, and with the highest quality ingredients in a way that remains close in spirit to this centuries old craft. Our perfumers have carte blanche to express their own vision of nature and its evocative scents. This makes the brand singularly experimental and creative, inventing new accords and taking a novel spin to familiar riffs.

Why and how did the brand decide to open a boutique in the UAE?

Attentive and receptive to his surroundings, Jean Laporte, our founder, was enriched by all the experiences he had during his many journeys on the perfume routes, which, of course, includes the Middle East. Today, we share with Jean Laporte the same love for these fragrant sun-soaked regions. The UAE has become an essential destination for perfume connoisseurs and enthusiasts, a fact that aligns perfectly with our brand’s proposition. We feel a strong connection with customers who value quality ingredients, exquisite raw materials, and fine craftsmanship. This shared appreciation undoubtedly strengthens the bond between L’Artisan Parfumeur and the UAE. Which scents are driving sales in the Middle East?We have a global bestseller that not only is performing well in the Middle East, but also worldwide: Abyssae. This fragrance takes you to the depths of an unseen underwater realm. It belongs to our La Botanique collection, a collection that is about fantasised nature that awakens in the night. Another perform- ing collection in the Middle East is Les Merveilles, which pays tribute to the traditions and cultural heritage of the Orient.

What are your top tips in finding a signature scent?

In our boutique, we are proud to have a team of highly skilled professionals who are not just experts, but connoisseurs in the realm of perfumes. Their profound knowledge and understanding of fragrances is unparalleled. They specialise in guiding customers on a sensory journey to discover their unique signature scent. We cordially invite everyone to experience this personalised fragrance consultation at our boutique located in Dubai Mall.

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