Keeping up with Kylie Jenner’s recent Parisian rendezvous.

If you’ve followed Kylie’s sartorial journey, you know she isn’t afraid of a strong maximalist moment, just like her equally famous sisters. But on her recent trip to Paris, we’ve seen the beauty Moghul take a completely new approach when it comes to her personal style.

Ditching the vibrant colours, prints and salacious cuts that could cause a traffic jam on the streets of the French capital, Kylie has gone minimal and now loves monochrome.

Is this the effect of the ‘quiet luxury’ phenomenon? We think so. Why else would the opulence-loving Kar-Jenner ditch their beloved logos and statement-making aesthetic?

The change in Kylie’s style recently is also because of her recent collaboration with the styling duo and sisters Alexandra and Mackenzie Grandquist. Her new stylists have revamped her Cali-girl image and have given her this newly polished demeanour that leans into less-is-more.

Owing to her childhood on TV and the early boom on social media, the world has seen Kylie Jenner evolve in front of their eyes. From the blue-haired Tumblr girl to the risqué fashion-loving youngest billionaire — we’ve seen it all. It is interesting to see her hit pause every now and then as she experiments with her versatile style.

Knowing Kylie and her love for all things luxury, we will most certainly still see her matching her clothes with her automobile, but for now, we’re into this newfound change.

Take a look below as King Kylie Jenner goes Parisian-chic in the city of love.

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Images: Instagram @kyliejenner, @kyliejennercloset and photographers @ali_letaissa_ and @therealspw