Popular Kuwaiti influencer Rawan Bin Hussain has announced she’s getting a divorce.

Sharing the news earlier this week with her 4.8 million followers on Instagram, she said she hoped people would “understand” her decision.

“Today I’m here to explain this without the filter and I’m hoping people, especially Middle Easterners who still follow the worst traditional rules, would understand me,” she said.

The 23-year-old went on to explain she was “proud” of the steps she was taking.



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“لو يذكر الزيتون غارسهُ، لصار الزيت دمعاً” 🍸

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“I am very proud to say I am divorcing my husband,” she said.

The mother-of-one claimed she was “mentally abused”, and was called “crazy, psychotic [and] unstable”.

“I was mentally abused to the extent I did go to therapy because I thought I am unstable,” she said.

Despite the difficulties she has gone through, the influencer said she was “excited” for the next chapter in her life.

“If this will make me ‘Less of a human being’, then that’s totally fine!” she said. “I am super excited for my new chapter. And I can’t wait to start.”

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