Parisian jewellery brand Djula has unveiled Ahood Alenzi as their regional brand ambassador.

Known for her graceful yet unconventional elegance, Alenezi effortlessly aligns with the brand’s core values, as she projects their cutting-edge jewellery.

With her strong presence in the GCC, this Kuwaiti content creator has garnered close to two million fans on Instagram after establishing herself on social media and collaborating with large-scale global brands such as M.A.C.

Embodying her own sense of individuality, Alenzi joins hands with Djula allowing women to take adopt a rule-bending approach in the world of fashion. With her distinctive style, she continues to be a respected tastemaker who is laying the foundation for future generations to come.

Djula Paris Kuwaiti

As Djula continues to design minimalist yet sophisticated pieces, the brand has adopted its own aesthetic through its avant-garde approach. With a modern take on artisanal jewellery, the styles continue to cater to those who dare to think differently.

From pieces reminiscent of the 20th-century French decorative art style to a collection emphasised through barbed wire bracelets, bangles and earrings, the brand is always experimenting with innovative styles that are breaking the mould.

For those who wish to get pierced by a team of dedicated experts, Djula Paris in Dubai Mall has its very own piercing atelier ensuring a commitment to luxury lovers in the region.

Djula Paris

Since Djula’s introduction to the Middle East in 2021, the brand is now at several MENA Stores in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The latest collections are available at the Djula Boutique in Dubai Mall, and Damas Boutiques in the UAE and online. To view, the full collections visit

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