Summer is here

Now that Summer has arrived, we can expect the weather to get worse before it gets better. With the soaring temperatures, looking after our skin is now more important than ever. But worry not, these Korean products will help keep your skin hydrated and glowing in the coming months.

Make P:rem – Blue Ray Sun Gel

Korean products for heat

This milky serum-like sunscreen from Make P:rem not only provides broad spectrum UV protection, but also cools down the skin after application with a blend of arctic botanicals, helping to counteract skin damage from heat and infrared rays.

Papa Recipe – Bombee Fruitables Mask

Korean products for heat


This product is available in several colours and ingredients. They help with many skin problems such as discolouration, redness, bad acne, loose/saggy, sensitive skin and more! Each mask contains 5 squeezed complex extracts of either fruits and vegetables. This will help keep your skin looking fresh all the way to next winter.


Glow Recipe – Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

Korean products for heat

We can’t think of anything as refreshing as having watermelon on a hot summer day. Now, thanks to this mask from Glow Recipe, you can enjoy this refreshing sensation on your face. When it comes to the inspiration behind this product: “Watermelon is traditionally rubbed on the skin during the summer to soothe heat rash and irritation, which was the inspiration for us to add this beloved ingredient to our first sleeping mask. This featherlight gel treatment instantly cools the skin upon application for a radiant glow by morning.”

MISSHA – Ice Sorbet Sheet Mask

Korean products for heat

This sheet mask is like no other. With glacier water and snow lotus extract, this product will have a cooling effect on heated skin lowering temperature with soothing effect. It moisturises dry skin, perfect to apply after a day of tanning.

Let Me Skin – Ultra H2O Modeling Mask

Korean products for heat

This rubber modeling mask comes in three different variants: Brightening & Plumping, Hydrating, and Soothing. They are enclosed in colourful pill-like packaging, with two pieces that break apart in the centre. You can use one half of the capsule to mix the product together. For the summer we recommend the yellow-green pill, which will help bring the much needed after-sun hydration back to the skin with an immediate cooling effect.

Innisfree – Jeju Lava Seawater Mist

Korean products for heat

Perfect refresher for everyday use. You can keep this mist in your bag, and spray it on every time you feel like the heat is getting the best of you. The seawater instantly moisturises, firms, and smooths skin while coconut-derived squalane forms a non-sticky barrier over skin.

Cosrx – Aloe Soothing Sun Cream

Korean products for heat

This ultra-hydrating sunscreen absorbs quickly into skin to defend against sun damage and environmental aggressors, whilst delivering long-lasting moisture and hydration to leave skin smooth, comfortable and replenished. This should be your sunscreen for this beach season!

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