Would you have ever thought submerging your face in water would help your makeup last? Well, it’s a beauty hack Bella Hadid swears by.

The Korean beauty technique known as Jamsu is known to keep your makeup airbrushed, lasting and matte all day.

The technique, a form of setting your makeup, is now going viral on TikTok, regaining an audience after it first grew prominence on social media back in 2017.

The supermodel previously told Dubai-based beauty mogul Huda Kattan that she swears by Jamsu, especially while in hot and humid countries.

When the model was in Dubai for a Dior campaign in 2017, Hadid inspired Kattan to try the unusual technique, where she ended up giving it a mostly positive review on her YouTube Channel.

“The overall result is that your face looks airbrushed, and you get a super matte finish,” Kattan said. “I’m not sure if it’s the best thing to do for your skin every day, but if you want your makeup to last all day, I would definitely give this a go.”

Jamsu translates in English to ‘diving’ or ‘submerging’, where the technique consists of applying your base products, setting with a powder, and then submerging your face in cold water for 20 to 30 seconds.

After emerging from the water, pat your face dry with a soft tissue or clean towel and continue with the rest of your routine including eye makeup, eyebrows and lipstick.

Early users of the technique set their face with baby power, or talc, however, loose setting powder can also be used.

It is known that the hack was created as an attempt at beating the humidity of Korean summers, with the cold water allowing the foundation to seamlessly blend with the skin.

This technique has risen again in popularity on TikTok, where various creators have been trying the trend and reaping the benefits.

One such creator who is a life and beauty makeup artist, Alissia C, tried the technique recommended by Bella Hadid. During the short video, she explains the technique and then proceeds, slightly apprehensively to submerge her face in cold water.

@makeupbyalissiacTrying the Korean beauty hack Bella Hadid SWEARS BY!!! ##beautyhacks ##makeuphacks ##makeuptutorial ##jamsu♬ original sound – ALISSIA

When reflecting on the technique, the TikTok creator said, “my skin looks flawless,” giving the trend an impressive review and inspiring many others to try it.

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Images/Media: Bella Hadid Instagram, YouTube @hudabeauty, TikTok @makeupbyalissiac