Kim Kardashian has been known to change her style and looks over the years and the reality star recently went through another transformation.

Sharing a series of photos and videos to Instagram, the beauty mogul revealed she was bleaching her eyebrows.

In the clip she shared, what were previously bold and dark eyebrows appeared non-existent.

“It’s really cute guys, my bleached brows, I’m into it,” she said. “Can’t wait to show you the final look.”

The transformation didn’t stop there though, Kardashian showcased her new “final look” featuring blonde locks, bleached brows and a heavy makeup look.

However, whilst the reality television star certainly surprised some fans with her transformation, it wasn’t a permanent one.

Kim Kardashian mirror photo

Just a mere few hours later, Kardashian’s long dark brown locks were back along with her strong bold dark eyebrows.

“I’m back to dark already don’t worry,” she told her fans.

Kardashian has been known to dye her platinum blonde in the past and we’ve got to say, we love her blonde.

Perhaps she could opt to go blonde more permanently for the summer – who knows?

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Images: Kim Kardashian Instagram