As one of the most famous families in the world, the Kardashian-Jenner family are no strangers to receiving quite a lot of criticism, especially when it comes to them allegedly photoshopping their images.

The latest member of the clan to be targeted is Kim Kardashian in her newest campaign for her own brand, Skims.

In an advert that is currently doing the rounds on the internet, Kardashian is seen wearing a pair of nude Skims underwear.

The reality star is seen running her fingers down her waist into her hips. However, as her finger traces her hourglass shape, it appears to distort in the video across the curve of her body.

The ad was posted on TikTok and has subsequently received over 21.5 million views with many questioning the ad, with the user who posted the advert on the video-sharing platform asking, “Who approved of this editing?”

@alexkelly2014Who approved of this editing???#kardashian #photoshopfail #kim #skims #editingfail #kimk #kimkardashian #onceyouseeityoucantunseeit♬ original sound – Alex Kelly

As the video went viral on TikTok, many users had a lot to say with one person calling the advert “unfortunate”.

“They literally create this beauty standard but can’t even keep it up,” one other said, with many others echoing the same sentiment.

However, according to Page Six – who claim to have a different version of the ad – the commercial circulating has an “error” in it.

“The Skims commercial that aired last week featuring the Fits Everybody collection did initially have an error as a result of the video losing its quality during the uploading process,” a Skims spokesperson told the outlet.

“Immediately after it was noticed by the team, the video was pulled, and the glitch-free version was uploaded and ran for the remainder of the time on air. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused Kim and our customers.”

Was it a case of an uploading error or a photoshop fail? We’re not entirely sure either way…

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Images/Media: Skims Instagram, TikTok