No one wants their dream holiday blighted by illness or potential dramas. However, kids will be kids and roaming around nature, getting dirty and meeting new people will inevitably bring with it some dramas. But fear not these five key first aid tips every mummy needs to know will ensure a safe vacation. 

The Problem: Nosebleeds

The extremely hot climate could cause drying and cracking inside the nose that is why it’s not surprising for kids to get nosebleeds.

First Aid: When this happens, make the child sit upright. Tilt the head forward and then gently pinch the soft part of the nose with tissue for about 10 minutes.

EW Advice: Make sure you don’t let your children play too long under the sun. Invest in a humidifier around the house during the hot months.

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The Problem: Diarrhea 

Some families tend to travel during the summer months. Your kids could be exposed to contaminated food and water.

First Aid: Encourage your child to take small but frequent sips instead of drinking too much at once. Call your doctor, as he or she may want to advise intake of small amounts of oral electrolyte solution.

EW Advice: Wash hands thoroughly with soap before eating. Make sure you get bottled water instead of regular tap water when travelling. Bring medicine and lots of wet tissue with you at all times. Observe for signs of dehydration in your little one. The symptoms could be fewer wet diapers than usual, crying without tears and a sunken soft spot head.


The Problem: Food Poisoning

Food bacteria easily develops during high-temperature environments. Vomiting, nausea, abdominal cramps and diarrhea are signs of food poisoning to watch out for.

First Aid: Drink clear fluids starting with small sips and gradually drinking more. Call your doctor as he or she may want to give you small amounts of oral electrolyte solution as well.

EW Advice: Prepare your own food as much as possible. Make sure you drink lots of water and eat fresh fruits. Maintain cleanliness and proper hygiene in the kitchen and dining area at all times. Wash meat and vegetables properly. Store food in clean containers and separate them well.


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The Problem: Rashes

Imagine being outside in the heat and then suddenly going inside where the AC is going into overdrive. The swift change in temperature can make everyone sweat and itch more.

First Aid: Give your child a cool bath. Dress your little one in soft and cotton clothing to help absorb the moisture.

EW Advice: Visit the doctor if the heat rash is still visible after three to four days. Avoid creams or ointments that may irritate the skin.

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The Problem: Sunburn 

Playing in the beach can be so much fun, until you get that depressing sunburn. Putting sunblock is the best way to keep the skin from getting sunburned.

First Aid: Replenish body fluids with water. Apply aloe vera or over the counter moisturising lotion to the skin. Apply cold compress to the sunburned areas to soothe the skin.

EW Advice: Wear loose fitting and light-coloured clothes. Invest in good quality sunglasses with proper UV protection. Shield your kids from the harsh rays of the sun by keeping them indoors from 11am to 3pm (when the sun and heat is at its most intense). It is advisable to swim early in the morning or late afternoon.


Make sure you keep your little ones are hydrated all throughout the summer. Give your doctor a call if you have any questions about your child’s health.