“Being in Dubai and talking about these products and about Kardashian Beauty is pretty awesome. It’s crazy and such a blessing,”  Khloe Kardashian told Emirates Woman in an exclusive interview, during which she chatted to stylist Carmel Gill about her top beauty tips, the secret behind sister Kim’s recent stint as a platinum blonde, and the launch of their Kardashian Beauty haircare range in Dubai.

It’s amazing that the Kardashian Beauty haircare range is launching in Dubai, w
hich is your hero product?

The black seed oil is so nourishing, I like to do hair masks. I’m a big fan of at home treatments so I do them at least once a week. I leave it in my hair, wrap it in a bun for an hour and then rinse it out, but I also use the black seed oil every single day. That, and I’m obsessed with dry shampoos. I don’t like to wash my hair every single day so a little dry shampoo in my roots just lets me be a little lazier!  We even have a dry conditioner, because my ends are dry from the bleach I do dry conditioner only on the ends, which gives it a little more moisture and life for the next couple of days. 

How long did it take you to go from brunette to blonde?

I did ombre for a while. It was subtle at first, then I got addicted – the blonde just kept going higher and higher. But I love being blonde, even when I look at old pictures I just feel with my skin colour being so fair it works. But I’ve literally tried it all. I’ve tried every colour, besides Kylie’s colours like the pinks and the blues! But I’ve done red, brown, ombre… I loved being ombre.

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Khloe Kardashian reveals the secret to sister Kim’s blonde locks


How is Kim’s hair after she bleached it blonde?

She bleached her hair blonde but she was smart. She braided up a lot of her black hair and put in sew-ins so she didn’t have to bleach all of her hair.  I know her top was her real hair and you could tell the difference in quality, but again its all about moisturising and taking care of your hair and not putting heat to it every single day. If you do, we have a great blow out cream to make sure that you are protecting it.

How long does it take you to get ready (hair & make-up) for an event?

If I’m doing hair and make-up and getting dressed, we always allow two hours, but by myself I can do my make-up in 30 minutes.  My hair is usually so hard for me to do because it’s so curly, but once its blown out it’s really fast.

Kim though, she loves it, she could sit in hair and make-up all day, but myself I would die. If it’s me I’ll be watching TV then I will text somebody… I have such A.D.D, I can’t stay focused, so I couldn’t do it all day.

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Do you ever wear your make-up to bed?

No, I’m religious about not wearing my make-up to bed. My mum embedded that into my system at a young age, and I think that’s why we all have good skin.  We all break-out every now and again but I put a ton of moisturiser on every night. I look so greasy – I’m a big believer in oil-me-up. I put oils on my face and everything.

Comfort or glamour?

It just depends on my mood – I have multiple personalities! I feel pretty, I’m not insecure about that, but I don’t like to be dressed up and be bare faced. I feel like that doesn’t make sense, I would feel uncomfortable. If I’m in sweats and bare faced I’m fine, but if I’m dressed up I want to feel glamorous. Right now my feet are killing me, so I’m like: ‘give me a pair of slippers!’

Are you working on anymore products for the future?

Yes, we have a shampoo and conditioner in the works, plus dry texturising spray, beach sprays… the list goes on. Because we are exposed to the best of the best products, we get frustrated about how much things might cost, so our goal is to have amazing luxurious salon-quality products that are affordable, without sacrificing formulas or scents. The packaging is very luxe too, it’s a great dressing table product.

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The three sisters promoting Kardashian Beauty

How much input did you have in the making of the products?

My sisters and I are very much hands on with everything from the packaging to the formulas to the scents. We get five different formulas and try them on ourselves. All three of us each have different hair types and textures, so that way we can decide which formulas work best. Our name is on the bottle so we wanted products that we genuinely have underneath our bathroom sinks. When you open up our cupboards you can see that we do use the products.

Who came up with the design concept for the products?

All three of us came up with the design, we have a two against one rule so if two sisters are on board then that’s how we decide, but we all pretty much loved the sleek silhouette and the colour scheme. We wanted it to stand out on the shelves.

Finally, the question everyone wants to ask. What’s it like working with your sisters?

I know they say don’t work with your family, but I couldn’t imagine this journey without them. It works for us. We all understand what we are going through and it’s such a blessing that we have each other to lean on. At first it was hard to work with my sisters, we were finding our niches and our expertise in each thing. But now we’re like a well-oiled machine – I could not imagine it any other way.

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Kardashian Beauty is available at ulta.com and salons nationwide.

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