Opposites attract

When Valérie Messika launched her jewellery brand, she turned the world of diamond craftsmanship on it’s head and made them ‘cool’. No longer reserved for special occasions, Messika diamonds are designed to make you shine bright every day.

With her My Twin collection, modelled by fashion icon Kate Moss, she decided to play mix and match with different cut diamonds, which once again disrupts your usual perception of what a diamond piece should look like.  The pear cut diamond, which is both sensual and dazzling, marries with the emerald cut, which is more stylized and hypnotic, or even the oval cut, which is sweet and gentle.

messika jewellery my twin kate moss

“Kate Moss has always been my muse, she is a legend of fashion and a rock n’ roll icon. Kate is above all a free woman,” says Valérie.

Sylvia Hoeks and Joan Smalls also feature in the campaign and perfectly represent the modern rebellious spirit that Messika has become known for in the jewellery industry.

“Sylvia Hoeks seduced me with her personality and her character. Finally, I chose Joan Smalls for her spectacular physique. She gives off a very contemporary glamour. Beyond jewellery, this trio has an attitude. They are strong women who breathe their own style into jewellery. They influence diamonds and not the other way around. This is, in fact, the main characteristic of Messika’s jewellery,” Valerie adds.

messika jewellery my twin kate moss

Valérie redesigned the My Twin collection by creating the latest trend for true fashionistas – ear stacking. Diamonds are in ascend and emanate around the ear – from the lobe to the helix. Standout piece fr us is the Emerald – minimalist and graphic to the max, this mono earring is composed of a emerald diamonds and accessorise the earlobe with a touch of radiance.

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