Eight unique scents

Sarah Burton introduced fragrances to the world of Alexander McQueen, arguably Kate Middleton’s most worn fashion designer, in 2016 and now she extending the offering with a brand new collection of scents.

Inspired by the artistry of haute perfumery, innovation and contemporary design, each in the series is distinctive for its use of highly sought-after ingredients for the most pure result. The Celtic Rose fragrance is gentle at first before spicy, peppery notes kick in. If you’re a fan of spicy floral scents then Blazing Lily is for you.

alexander mcqueen fragrance

Luminous Orchid is vibrant fragrance which has warming notes of roasted sesame, the bitter depth of coffee and the enveloping power of the Tonka bean. The soothing Amber Garden pays tribute to the serenity of nature. A warm, soft, comforting scent, its allure is awakened by vibrant spices: cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon.

Sacred Osmanthus focuses on the flowers of the osmanthus tree that exude an uplifting fragrance. The transcendental qualities of this potent bloom are enhanced by the unique scent of the leaves of Lapsang Souchong tea resulting in a smoky, leathery floral. Vetiver Moss has an earthy scent and contains Orris root and green woody chypre. Dark Papyrus also has earthy qualities but with a touch of juicy blackcurrant.

alexander mcqueen fragrance

Everlasting Dream completes the collection and capture the scent of wild flowers that grow all year round, even in the most remote environment.

The new collection is available to shop now

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