Often on social media, we are bombarded with images that are picture-perfect.  However, when you’re constantly scrolling and constantly connected it’s easy to lose sight these images are a highlight reel of someone’s life and can often be heavily edited.

This is why it’s always refreshing when someone, particularly a notable figure, points out that social media doesn’t always reflect reality.

Karen Wazen, a content creator with over seven million followers on Instagram, recently pointed this out sharing a candid post about how angles can be deceiving.

The mum-of-three, who is based in Dubai, first shared a video showcasing herself in what would normally be deemed as a “flattering” angle. The footage then continues to showcase Karen “not sucking in”.

“Not pregnant,” she captioned the post. “Sucking in VS not sucking in… and a reminder that post-pregnancy marks are normal.”

The UAE-based content creator was flooded with comments of praise for her “real” post by friends and followers alike.

“Also love that ur sharing this!!!” fellow Dubai-based content creator Dina Zahran said. “Respect for normalizing normal stuff!”

“The most beautiful mama I know!” Sazan Hendrix added.

“All the respect and love for sharing this normal thing that occurs to us from pregnancy it’s the first time I see someone who’s famous shares something like this not caring about the what they call the perfect image,” one fan said.

“I just love how real you are,” another commented. “Thanks for sharing with us.”

In a world with filters and editing, it really is always refreshing to see someone post more real and raw photos.

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Images: Karen Wazen Instagram