With the spread of coronavirus continuing, many around the globe are opting to put themselves into self-isolation.

Karen Wazen, a Lebanese blogger, has revealed she’s doing exactly that with her family, and is documenting the process on her Instagram. She confirmed they will be staying put in their Dubai-based home for the next few weeks.

In a video posted to her IGTV on March 13, the popular social media influencer discussed the “critical” situation the world is currently in.

“The world’s situation right now is critical… with the coronavirus pandemic spreading really quickly across the globe we have decided as a family to isolate ourselves and stay home and stay safe,” she said, addressing her 2.7 million followers on Instagram.

“Our little family is enjoying getting creative with ideas on how to spend quality home time and we wanted to share our dailies with you.”

The 33-year-old, who is married to Elias Bakhazi, also encouraged everyone to “be safe”.

Wazen stated she’s prepared to do lots of different activities with her three children — George, five, and four-year-old twins Karlie and Kay — while they stay home “for the next few weeks”.

In the first video activities included colouring, playing basketball in the back garden and helping with the laundry.

In another video posted a couple of days later to her YouTube channel, Wazen weighed in on the importance of acting “united” during the coronavirus pandemic.

“All of us need to understand the gravity and magnitude if we do not change our lifestyles,” she said.

While she understands not all companies have the option to work from home, and some people need to be out and about, she encouraged everyone to “at least avoid the things you can avoid” like malls and public gatherings.

Posting another short clip on Monday with her three children, Wazen sent another plea to her followers to “stay home”.

Holding up messages written on cardboard, the mum and her three children made their impassioned plea.

“Please stay home so that we will be able to go back out,” the message said. “We would love to see our grandparents soon… we miss them.


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“The faster we act the faster this will be over… we can help save lives.”

There are currently around 90,000 recorded active cases of coronavirus worldwide, 72 of which are in the UAE.

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