Justin Beiber x Calvin Klein

We will always be grateful for Calvin Klein. It is the brand that brought us Mark Wahlberg, Jamie Dornan and Fredrik Ljungberg at their best – posed in sultry black and white images, showing off their best smiles, and cracking six packs, while wearing nothing but a great pair of Calvin Klein briefs. However, the latest campaign for the brand hasn’t impressed us as much. Why? Justin Bieber is the new ambassador and visions of him in his undies is precisely what we hoped to avoid in 2015. 

Images of the controversial 20-year-old singer modelling the latest Calvin Klein briefs have been making the rounds across the internet and while Justin Bieber is the most boyish (literally) looking of all the Calvin Klein ads, the reactions have, surprisingly, been largely positive on social media. However, while most comments were gleaming, including “Bieber is all grown up”,  and “I’m a believer because I think Justin Bieber is hot”, others weren’t too keen with comments like “Bieber for @CalvinKlein. Not okay.”

Justin Beiber x Calvin Klein

In the saucy campaign Justin models alongside 31-year-old Dutch model Lara Stone. Proud to be the new ‘body’ for the brand, the singer posted his image on Twitter with the comment “Officially a part of the legacy. Check out @calvinklein for more. #mycalvins. #newfaceofcalvinklein”.

As part of the campaign Lara, who is the wife of wife of British comedian David Walliams, and Justin also star in a promotional video, which starts with the pop star on the drums before pulling Lara in for a kiss.

While seeing Justin with his top off is no surprise due to his penchant of walking around topless and with his trousers half way down his legs, we were shocked to see he has managed to develop some abs – the boxing training with Floyd Mayweather is clearly paying off.

It seems Justin is hoping to use the famous campaign as a way to redeem his tarnished reputation – Calvin Klein models don’t throw eggs!  In another Instagram picture he wrote hashtags reading “#learnfromyourfaults” and “#dontbeashamedredeem.” If this is the case then we salute you, once again, Calvin Klein…

Now, onto the question everyone is asking: who is your favourite Calvin Klein model? Wahlberg gets our vote

calvin klein models

Clockwise from top left: Jamie Dornan, Mark Wahlberg, Fredrik Ljungberg and Kellan Lutz