Ever wondered what makes A-list actress Julia Roberts happy? It’s the simple and quiet moments in life.

“The sunrise,” she says, discussing what makes her instantly smile.

Leading Chopard’s latest Happy Diamonds campaign, Roberts is all smiles, creating the perfect synergy between the jewellery house’s fine craftsmanship and her energy.

As part of the campaign, the Oscar-winning actress discusses her top three tips to happiness. “Be kind to others; surround yourself with loving, kind, compassionate people; and kissing, followed by dancing as a close second,” she shares.

Chopard - Julia Roberts

In an exuberant film directed by the youthful Xavier Dolan, Roberts’ jubilant spirit is highlighted, where extraordinary Chopard’s craftsmanship meets the vibrant nature of diamonds while exploring the Joie de Vivre or better known as the free-spirited charm.

Taking inspiration from the golden ratio symmetry, the 33 mm-diameter case of the Happy Sport embodies the characteristics of aesthetic harmony featuring the legendary dancing diamonds, which are an ode to the Maison’s successful watchmaking story back in 1993 as it captured the spirit of the era by devising a sports watch for women back then.

Chopard Happy Sport The First

As this piece of history makes a comeback, it reciprocates nature through its intricacy, the Happy Sport the First is the rebirth of the 1993 icon which is bound to become the wearer’s second skin as it harmonises balance between the world of mathematics and the forces of design with two 1,993 and 788-piece limited-edition re-releases of the very first watch when the collection was launched.

The rebirth of the exquisite piece, showcases the timelessness of the jewellery house, something Roberts also believes to be true.

“Chopard just represents this timeless idea of elegance and sparkle and being ladylike,” she shares in her ‘Happy Talk’ with the brand “You kind of think: ‘When I grow up I want to be having a great time and wearing watches and earrings by Chopard”… and now look at me, I’m all grown up!'”

Chopard Happy Sport

Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard, was the mastermind behind the short film which captured the liberating aspirations and was the creator of the 1993 innovative alliance between steel and diamonds.

After nearly three decades, the latest release pays homage to this first icon. Back in 1993, Scheufele “wanted a watch that I could wear all day long: at the gym, in the office or for a dinner in town.” Hence, she created the Happy Sport, which continues to be a longstanding piece of the brand.

While deploying irresistible energy through the film, the audience is sure to be inspired by the jeweller’s work of art and houses’ endearing commitment to be on a constant quest for harmony.

For more information on Chopard’s latest release visit chopard.com

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Images: Supplied, Art Director: Xavier Dolan, Photographer: Shayne Laverdière, Stylist: Elizabeth Stewart, All watches and jewellery by Chopard