It’s almost too good to be true: a drink that can make you look years younger, however it exists right here in Dubai.

Going under the knife in the attempt to turn back the clocks is nothing new, especially in Dubai where the calibre of surgeons is second to none. However, cosmetic surgery isn’t a solution for everyone, with many preferring less evasive options… and what’s less evasive than a beauty drink that can make you look years younger.

Understanding the desire to look youthful, but do so naturally, is @blend, a recently opened cafe on Palm Jumeirah, who are offering all health-nuts a complimentary scoop of collagen to add to a smoothie of their choice every Monday throughout the month of April,

Introducing collagen into your diet can be affective in restoring damage from photoaging as well as natural chronological ageing. Supplemental collagen can not only fortify the skin’s structure, making it look smoother and more plump, but it can also boost your metabolism, help you to detox, and reduce cellulite marks.  Collagen is also a key component to new hair growth and hair quality, which means thicker and more luscious locks.

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One reader, Nicola Tatum, who’s been taking collagen powder with her juice each day for nearly a year, reported that she has noticed a difference in her hair, for the better. She said: “My hairdresser even started commenting on it. She said the texture had improved and it was thicker.”

New cafe @blend have a bunch of smoothies to choose from, if collagen isn’t taking your fancy perhaps the fitness smoothies packed with protein, or the wellness smoothies for overall health, and dessert smoothies will.

They also offer an array of other supplements that you can scoop in to your drinks, including creatine (good for muscle growth and improved performance), immunity boosters, probiotics, vegan protein, glutamine, and electrolytes (good for rehydration).

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Aside from the smoothies, you’ll be able to find affordable natural, all-day healthy breakfasts, yummy salads, wraps and sandwiches and detox juices, with the calories and protein of each option laid out next to the item on the menu.


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To find out more about @blend’s menu, visit their website.


With regards to taking collagen in other ways, you’re pretty spoilt for choice. You can take it as a pill, have it in your juice, or stimulate collagen production through heat and light therapies.

  • If you’re looking to drink ita 10-day programme of Pure Gold Collagen can be bought from Holland & Barrett for Dhs25 per 50ml.
  • For pill form, Holland & Barrett sell Forza Raspberry Ketone with Collagen Capsules in-storecomposed of natural raspberry ketone extract and hyrolysed marine collagen, as well as choline and vitamin C at Dhs210 for 100 capsules.
  • For radio frequency therapy, you can grab a session at Euromed Clinic Dubai. It works by using radio frequency to contract the supportive framework of the skin, and then heating the deeper layers of skin to boost collagen production.
  • Dubai’s Megasun Lounge offers up a couple of tanning beds which come kitted out with collagen-boosting lights. Not only will you be able to work towards a great tan, you’ll also be able to keep your hair and skin looking great too.
  • Soprano skin tightening is another light-based solution that perks up sagging skin by promoting collagen fibre growth in the lower layers of the skin. Treatment can be found at the Wellbeing Medical Centre from around Dhs3,000.


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