Get creative

This time in self-isolation could be a fantastic opportunity to discover new skills. Crafts and drawing are just some of the simple ways to train your brain while also giving yourself a much-deserved screen break. And if shoes are involved, we’re sold.

Sandra Choi is inviting Jimmy Choo fans to join a creative conversation by sketching their fantasy shoe designs. Choi will then shortlist ten sketches to be put to a final vote on the brand’s Instagram.

Five finalists will then see their dream shoe designs be brought to life as a capsule of five styles that will be part of a forthcoming collection with all proceeds donated to a charity within the Jimmy Choo Foundation.

If you’re one of the top five, you can happily add shoe designer to your CV.

jimmy choo shoe design

“I wanted to share my love of sketching with the Jimmy Choo community in the hope it will provide a moment of escape whilst we are all united by the challenges we are currently facing together,” Choi explained.

“To put an idea together on paper is second nature to me. Sketching is part of my creative process as I sort through multiple ideas but more than that it can also act as a form of escape for me. It helps to soothe, calm and focus my head,” she added.

Each week a new sketch will be posted by Sandra that symbolises a message of positivity.

The first sketch, entitled Optimism, takes inspiration from the blossom trees in Sandra’s garden during isolation with the tag line ‘let’s blossom again soon’.

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Images: Supplied, Instagram