You know a brand is about to be epic when a celebrity dons a piece from its collection, especially when said celebrity is a major star. So when pop princess Rihanna drapped herself in Virna Chakardemian’s unique jewels we knew the brand Yeprem was one to have on our radar. 

While Yeprem was founded in Beirut in 1964, Virna Chakardemian, the daughter of founder Yeprem Chakardemian – she joined the brand back in 2002 – has really made it appealing to a new generation that has placed greater demand on the style industry.

Chakardemian has become renowned for her bold take on fine jewellery, which sees her break from traditions but remain timeless and sophisticated. Originally inspired by the bridal henna tattoos she makes intricate, but wearable, pieces of art.

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As well as the classic earrings, necklace and bracelets, she also designs ears cuff and hand jewels, giving the customer a luxe modern option.

Chakardemian said of Yeprem: “What makes us different is that we emphasise the movement of the jewellery. You can’t understand the piece on its own – you need to see it on hands or ears. It’s about jewellery that moves you. It has always been part of our story from the beginning.”

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Discussing the intricate nature of the collections, she added: “My father, Yeprem Chakardemian has always believed in the power of movement. Women exude femininity when they walk, dance, jump, laugh and swirl. Immobility goes unnoticed; movement breathes life. It is why I take pride in designing jewels that move, on a finger, on a neck, on a shoulder, on a hand.”

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