January’s – ‘The Confidence Issue’ – Download Now

As a new year begins, several people are embarking on a new journey filled with positive affirmations and fitness goals. For this month’s issue, some of the most incredible women we know tell us what they will be investing in to optimise their 2022 in our Life 2.0 section.

Jewellery designer and founder of Bil Arabi, Nadine Kanso has created a name for herself in the Middle East as she’s known for being a pioneer in the world of design.

Emirates Woman spoke to Nadine about what makes her feel confident and what she shall be investing in this year to move towards her goals.

What will you be investing in for 2022 to optimise your life?

Health is by far the most important aspect of our lives, being active and healthy is not a secondary factor but a primary one. At one point I have let this go and felt the consequences of not prioritizing this. Therefore, exercising on a regular basis has to always come first. As for food, I love to eat, but I’m conscious about my daily food intake and have realised that moderation is key to feeling optimal.

This is The Confidence Issue – what makes you feel confident?

My confidence comes after years of experience and travelling so many roads. It’s always important to follow your heart and instinct, as by doing so you are being true to yourself and the other people on your path, so only you can give yourself this confidence.

How can we support others to feel confident?

Our support to others feeling confident is trying to guide them in the right way, the way that is theirs to travel, so always being honest without giving them false feedbackis key.

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January’s – ‘The Confidence Issue’ – Download Now

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