We sat down with Jeremy Scott to discuss his new  Moschino x H&M collection

H&M’s colourful reboot this season comes courtesy of the wild imagination of Moschino’s Creative Director Jeremy Scott. He talks about his capacity for fun, love of sparkles and why he thinks Dubai is the perfect place for this collection.

You are a global sensation and world-renowned designer. Why did you decide to collaborate with H&M and what is it about the high street brand that made you want to position yourself with them specifically?

I’m the people’s designer, and I love the idea of more of my fans wearing my clothes and my designs. The wonderful thing about this collaboration is the ability to take my voice and to translate it to H&M’s price point, and to have it be accessible to so many more people around the world without having to dial down the designs. It’s a really wonderful rare treat and it makes me so happy.

Jeremy Scott

When you were a child did you know you wanted to be a fashion designer?

Fashion was everything to me when I was a kid. I grew up on a farm in middle America, and how I dressed was how I expressed myself – I couldn’t hold it in. By the time I was 14 I was taking French lessons because my heart was set on the glamour of Paris. I’ve always been a freak and an outsider and believe that every day should have fashion show moments.

What do you think it is about your designs that has been embraced so fiercely by the music industry? 

I love it when fashion is totally stage-worthy, and you can see it be totally worn by a pop star in front of thousands and thousands of screaming fans. That’s why I love the rhinestone bustier in Moschino x H&M, because you can totally imagine it being worn on stage. I love the sparkle, I love the glamour, and how it can be worn by the fans as well as their idol on stage.

Jeremy Scott

Do you ever step back from all you have achieved and think about how much you have done? Is there more to achieve? 

I guess I’m what you could call an overachiever. I love what I do so much, and I have so much passion and energy and the ideas just keep on coming. This is what I’ve always wanted to do and I’m going to keep on doing it.

How do you think the Moschino x H&M collaboration will be received by the public?

Everything I do is for the fans, and I wanted this to be the realest Moschino collection ever so they get the true essence of the brand. It makes me so excited that there are fans who’ve always dreamed of wearing Moschino who will now get the chance with Moschino x H&M. It’s going to be so much fun seeing which pieces people buy, how they make it part of their own look and where these pieces end up all over the world.

Jeremy Scott

Where did your inspiration for the H&M collaboration come from?

When I was designing Moschino x H&M, I was thinking street, street, street. I wanted an urban attitude, high mixed with low, mixing in some bling bling and pop culture, some real Italian glamour, and always everything with a sense of humour. I wanted it all to have punch. I wanted it to be 100 per cent me, 100 per cent Moschino.

What do you love about Dubai?

I love Dubai so much! We opened a new Moschino store there last year and it’s been so amazing to see the reaction. People in Dubai love full-on fashion, they love humour, they love glamour. I’m so excited to see what everyone in Dubai gets from Moschino x H&M.

What is it like being the creative director of such a prestigious and fun-filled brand?

Before I was asked about being creative director of Moschino, I’d never thought of me in the role at the brand. Now that it’s my job, I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing it. It’s such a perfect fit and I’m having the time of my life. From the very first collection Moschino have been fearless and fierce and let me truly be myself. It’s truly unique and it’s my total honour to be its creative director.


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What are your top three pieces from the collaboration with H&M that are an absolute must-have?

That is the most impossible question because every single piece is like my baby! My favourites change every second of every minute of every day. If I had to pick just three, I’d go for the pink faux-fur coat punctured with chains that’s like it’s been attacked by a fashion animal; the Disney hoodie that’s like the most perfect piece of pop culture, then from the accessories I’d pick the quilted high boot with the chain and tassels and gold Moschino lettering. But really, every single piece is a must-have – you’re going to want it all.

Fashion has become an extremely collaborative space where brands partner together. Why do you think this has become so popular in the industry?

I love to collaborate and am actually a very collaborative person, no matter how strong-willed I am. It’s so much fun to work together, and to make something super fun happen. The H&M team have been so wonderful and supportive and enthusiastic, it’s the kind of collaboration that I love. It’s been really exciting to see H&M’s reaction to the collection too and now I’m excited to share it with the fans around the world.

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