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There is organic skincare, and then there is COSMOS certified organic skincare. The latter basically means that the brand has met the highest global organic standards, and IXORA is one of them.

Ixora organic skincare dubai made in turkey

Made in Turkey and masterminded by Egyptian pharmacist, Dr. Nader Sheasha, the brand is rooted in nature and crafted by science to deliver revolutionary organic beauty. With years of scientific and practical experience in herbal medicine and the natural cosmeceutical beauty industry, Dr. Nader Sheasha has used the latest natural biotechnology to create products that celebrate the best of nature and provide visible results.

Focusing on ingredients with the highest quality and maximum concentration of organic botanical extracts, all Ixora products are created using cruelty-free methods, and they are also free from any harmful or controversial ingredients.

Ixora organic skincare dubai made in turkey

Dubai is where the concept was born, so it’s only fitting that it’s first store is located in Dubai Festival City Mall. So what about the actual products? Well, their certified organic toners not only help balance skin’s pH, but also provide it with the essential nutrition and vitamins, close the pores and make your skin ready for moisturiser.

Deep moisturising face cream contains red algae compounds, rosehip seed oil, coconut oil that promote the synthesis of natural hyaluronic acid of the skin and hydrate the deepest layers. We are particularly fascinated by their selection of hard soaps, 40 variations to be exact, that are made to suit various skin types.

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