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Is your lifestyle affecting your health? Find out at the Dubai-based clinic

With the UAE’s fast-paced lifestyle, addressing any health concerns at an early stage is important in order to avoid any long-term repercussions. Home to an array of personalised treatments, the newly opened One&Only One Za’abeel‘s Longevity Hub by Clinique La Prairie.

Born to address the daily stresses of urban living, the brand’s signature offerings include preventive medicine, nutrition, wellness and health. The focus is on preventative care so that, as the name suggests, people can live not just a longer life but alonger, healthier life.

Visitors can opt for minimally invasive cosmetic procedures – including mesotherapy, hyaluronic acid, botox, laser and platelet-rich plasma – as well as Neuro Wave Stimulation, cryotherapy, far-infrared, IV drips, and immersive experiences that promote balance and a detox from the inside-out.

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The Longevity Hub in the United Arab Emirates, the fifth of its kind, is a precious addition to a constellation of existing hubs in Madrid, Bangkok, Doha and Taipei.

Paulina Mercader – General Manager of the Longevity Hub by Clinique La Prairie shares how the concept at One&Only One Za’abeel offers a complete detox.

Longevity Hub by Clinique La Prairie focuses on three interconnected pillars: Longevity, Wellbeing, and Aesthetics – how does it work?

The connection between longevity, wellbeing, and aesthetic treatments lies in their collective ability to contribute to a fulfilling and satisfying life. Aesthetic treatments, such as cosmetic procedures or dermatological enhancements, can directly impact one’s sense of self-confidence and appearance. Hence it pivots mental wellbeing. When individuals feel good about themselves, they may be more inclined to engage in positive lifestyle choices and behaviours that promote longevity, such as maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise, and stress management. This approach is built on three pillars. We perceive wellbeing as a 360-degree concept, addressing all facets of an individual’s life.

The brand delivers a seamless unparallelel assesment for guests – talk us through the process.

Our assessment process begins with the Longevity Index, a three-step approach aimed at providing guests with a comprehensive roadmap to their wellness program. During this initial assessment, we evaluate five key markers that we consider pivotal in determining longevity. They include Metabolic health, Detox, Skin health, Immunity and energy. Once the Longevity Index assessment is complete, we focus our attention on the two lowest markers identified for each guest. Through a combination of CLP panels, one-on-one consultations with our health and wellbeing practitioners, and tailored lifestyle plan adjustments, we delve deep into the details to address specific areas of concern and opportunity. Upon completion,, our experts develop a hyper-personalised protocol for each guest, incorportaing elements from all of our three fundamental pillars, incorparting wellbeing treatments, therapies, and lifestyle adjustments.


From Cryotherapy to IV Drips – what are some of the key services that can be added during the experience

The Longevity Hub Dubai offers some of the most innovative advancements in wellness technology to help our guests live life to its fullest potential including a calorimetry tests, chelation drips for detoxification, dermatologist consultations, our signature Longevity Path to Detox experience, cupping therapy, exosomes IV drips, ozone therapy, far-infrared and light therapies, and brain stimulation. Furthermore, guests can enjoy a wide range of minimally invasive aesthetic procedures.

If a client wants a complete detox experience – how does it work?

We will conduct a series of pre-determined analyses to uncover the reasons of why the body may not be effectively eliminating toxins naturally. Additionally, we will assess each guest’s availability to dedicate to their program, determining the number of hours or days per week they can commit. Our health and well-being team will tailor a detox program to suit individual needs. Ideally, we recommend a commitment of three hours per week over a period of 21 days for optimal results.

How often would you recommend that clients need to detox?

It’s crucial to consider individual lifestyle and habits to tailor the detoxification process to each guest’s specific needs. For optimal results, we suggest participating in a comprehensive detox program such as the one offered in Clinique La Prairie Montreux once a year. For a more regular detox routine like the Signature Rebalance program, we recommend engaging in it once per month.

The Rebalance Experience helps eliminate toxins through detoxifying and immunity-boosting treatments – tell us more.

The Rebalance Experience is one of our signature experiences at the Longevity Hub Dubai, and was crafted specifically for urban lifestyles. It is recommended for monthly use as it aids the body in eliminating heavy metals as a core aspect of its detoxification process. This is vital for a successful detox, as heavy metals disrupt cellular functions, impair metabolic processes, and can trigger inflammation and tissue damage. Furthermore, heavy metals pose a significant threat to vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, and brain, compromising their ability to effectively remove toxins from the body which promotes overall health and extending lifespan.

What are some of the main causes of concern in the Middle East?

High rates of non-communicable diseases due to sedentary lifestyles and poor diets, such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and chronic respiratory diseases.

This is ‘The Body Issue’ – what are your non-negotiable self care practices?

My approach to self-care is all about tuning into what my body needs, also tailoring it to address the demands of my lifestyle and environment. At the moment, what I’ve incorporated in my routine includes the Monthly NAD Drip and Mineral Boost as since relocating to the GCC countries, I’ve noticed a dip in energy levels due to nutritional gaps in locally sourced food and limited outdoor activities. To counter this, I opt for a monthly NAD drip along with essential vitamins and minerals to support my body’s vitality. I also implement a strict sleep routine which has transformed my well-being. From using a sleep mask to banning electronic devices from the bedroom, and incorporating power naps inspired by blue zone practices, these habits have bolstered cognitive function and resilience.

What are your body care practices?

I opt for the Chelation IV Drip, where every three months, I undergo chelation therapy to rid my body of heavy metals, promoting overall wellness and vitality beyond detoxification. In my 40s, I prioritise weight training over cardio at least three times a week to maintain strength and mobility. Additionally, when it comes to my skincare regimen, my dedication to skincare extends beyond vanity, reflecting my commitment to holistic well-being. Monthly aesthetic facials and skin boosters, including derma pen treatments, ensure skin health and rejuvenation. I vouch for the weekly Indiba + Endospheres sessions which target cellulite and promote circulation, countering the effects of prolonged sitting. To take a break, I carve out weekly silent and alone time, and weekends are reserved for relaxation and peace, avoiding overcommitment. Overall, enforcing the right to disconnect from work during non-working hours safeguards against burnout, ensuring overall balance and well-being.

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