A mere six years ago Dyson, formerly known as just a vacuum brand, entered the haircare market with the launch of its Supersonic hairdryer.

Two years later, in 2018, the Dyson Airwrap followed, claiming to “harness an aerodynamic phenomenon” in its styler kit. Namely, the air pressure produced by the ‘Coanda effect’ is able to create different hairstyles without heat damaging your tresses.

This year, the brand launched the 2.0 version of the styler which has been a global hit and has been having its fair share of the spotlight on TikTok throughout this year.

But this type of groundbreaking technology Dyson is pioneering comes with a hefty price tag with the Airwrap retailing for Dhs2,400. So, it begs the question: is it worth the splurge?


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The Pros

All in all, the list of pros of the Dyson Airwrap is a long one. But, most importantly, you’re able to style your hair without damaging it, unlike other styling tools.

Using the styling barrels, which come in a range of lengths and sizes, you can achieve curls and waves faster and easier, particularly when you have freshly washed hair.

For me, particularly in the Dubai humidity, and having thick wavy hair, it’s cut down my hair styling time in half. It’s also so easy just using one tool. First, I blast my hair with the drier attachment, then I smooth everything out with one of the hairbrush attachments and finally add in waves with the barrels. Start to finish takes around 20 minutes, when it used to take me up to an hour (yes, thick hair problems).

The styler also caters to all hair types with other attachments including a wide-tooth comb attachment, engineered for curly and coily hair and the Coanda smoothing dryer which hides flyaways in a single pass.

The Cons

While there are many pros to this device, there’s also some setbacks. Personally, I find when using the Airwrap to curl my hair, they don’t always last, and tend to drop quite quickly even when dousing my hair in hairspray. And, of course, the styler comes with a big price tag.

The Verdict

But overall, for me, it’s definitely worth the investment. It’s cut my hair drying time in half, and helped my hair repair itself from previous heat damage and I actually make the effort to do my hair, rather than slick it back in a bun.

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