We all adored her in ET, wanted to befriend her in The Wedding Singer and kick butt like her in Charlie’s Angels – Drew Barrymore is a rare – scrap that – she is the only child star gone bad, then good, that continuously ranks highly on our radar. 

She’s that girl next door who can be mean when she has to, but remains sultry at all times. Making her the July cover star for Emirates Woman was as logical as serving a digestive with a cup of tea – had to be done.

While her new movie, Blended, in which she joins forces once again with Adam Sandler, is yet to tickle the fancy of critics; our interview will leave you riveted. Here’s a teaser:

On Adam Sandler:  “Adam and I just click together. We’ve always had this very natural rapport that makes it so easy and comfortable for us to work with each other and just hang out on the set and laugh all the time.”

Drew with Adam Sandler

Drew with Adam Sandler

On life as a happily married mum-of-two: “I’ve had to search a lot harder to find my happiness.”

On her wild child past: “I’m glad to have had an untraditional background because it’s forced me to grow so much. You learn to draw on the good and the bad times.”

On Blended: “This film tapped into some of the deeper emotions you have when you’re parents and you have different goals and responsibilities in life.”

Drew with her daughters Olive and Frankie

Drew with her daughters Olive and Frankie


She is the goddaughter of Steven Spielberg and Sophia Loren.

She has appeared in Playboy. In fact, after doing so Spielberg sent her a blanket with a note saying: “Cover up.”

Her nickname is Daisy hence why it is the motif for her film production company Flower Films.

She has had cosmetic surgery. She had a breast reduction reducing her then DD cup size, which was too big for her petite 5ft 4ins frame.

She loves mac ‘n’ cheese – “the more Kraft like, the better”

She was the youngest ever host of Saturday Night Live. She hosted it when she was just seven.

Her first acting role was at 11 months in Puppy Choice dog food advert.

Her grandfather is John Barrymore, a legendary actor of his generation, who starred alongside silver screen greats including Greta Garbo.

Proving why we love her. Drew heads for a pizza post-Oscars

Proving why we love her. Drew heads for a pizza post-Oscars

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