VAARA stands as a benchmark of elegance, sophistication, and functionality in the world of athleisure.

This London-based fashion brand guided by a philosophy of uniqueness and exceptional quality, creating versatile collections that offer unparalleled comfort, structure, and support throughout the day. Each collection constantly evolves while staying true to the brand’s DNA, celebrating and empowering modern women and their dynamic lifestyles.

“VAARA’s pieces are designed to sculpt and support,” says the Founder of VAARA, Tatiana Korsakova.

To delve into the brand’s journey, Emirates Woman spoke to Korsakova, on finding balance and how the brand’s transformative styles bring an elevated approach to the activewear space.

What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?

As a mother of three I rarely have slow mornings. I always aim to wake up before my children and take around 10 minutes for meditation before the busy day begins. These few minutes allow me to frame my day properly and begin it mindfully. After getting ready, I drop my kids off at school and when I return home, I carve out another 30 minutes just for myself. During this time, I usually practice yoga and breathing exercises. I also like to take short morning walks to get some fresh air and clear my mind.

What inspired you to start your brand and how many styles did you launch with?

Fashion and wellness have long been the twin pillars of my passion, which have now served as the driving force behind the brand and why I founded VAARA. My vision was to challenge the status quo in athleisure, transcending conventional boundaries in this space. In the early days, we launched with a focused capsule of performance pieces knowing that we needed to get the foundations right first. Quality was paramount, both from a material point of view and craftsmanship. This commitment to excellence has remained unwavering since day one, guiding us as our collections have evolved.

How would you define the DNA of the brand and how do you approach things differently?

At VAARA our DNA is built around having a distinct identity that fuses layering, versatility and utility. We purposefully sit between fashion and lifestyle. Knowing that within fashion, desire is more powerful than reason but within activewear, we have to deliver technical prowess that supports our customers in their activities throughout their day. VAARA’s pieces are designed to sculpt and support.

What, in your opinion, are the brand hero styles?

While our Bi-Colour set, which we updated for SS24, remains iconic, I consider our leggings as a whole the true heroes of VAARA. Adaptable, functional, and a wardrobe essential for me personally. However, our recent swimwear launch has been incredibly successful, so there could be some competition here.

Your product has become a staple in many people’s workout routines globally, how does it feel?

It can be challenging to pause and truly grasp the impact our brand has had on people’s lifestyles worldwide. Nevertheless, I’m filled with immense pride for what VAARA represents and the journey we’re on. While we’ve achieved a lot, I’m excited about the future and the possibilities that lie ahead. There’s still so much more in store.

Where is your production based and how challenging was it to source the finest materials?

Our production is exclusively based in Europe where we only work with the best ateliers. It was a decision made early at VAARA, partly because it is easier for us to control quality but also for sustainability reasons, given that our design studio is based in London, near-shoring production was a strategic move. The sourcing process is always complex, but we have built up our trusted partners over time.

“This intentional design approach brings versatility to our pieces and makes it easier to layer into different looks”

The brand is aesthetically super clean – was this your vision from the outset?

Indeed, the clean aesthetic of VAARA was envisioned from the outset, characterised by a subtle minimal edge. This intentional design approach brings versatility to our pieces and makes it easier to layer into different looks. When I launched VAARA, the athleisure space was full of loud, brash brands and I found it difficult to build these into my wardrobe. We wanted to do something different with VAARA.


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What is your go-to workout and where do you get the motivation to be consistent?

The nature of my workouts varies depending on the time of day and the amount of free time I have available. I prefer high-intensity exercises, Pilates and dancing. Dancing workouts, in particular, hold a special place in my heart as they not only benefit the body but also help in building beautiful lean muscles. I’m a strong believer that by incorporating diverse workouts into the routine you can sculpt a strong and beautiful body. It is important to avoid getting trapped in a monotonous exercise regimen.

What are the feel-good body essentials you reach out for after a hard-earned week?

My weeks are incredibly full. As founder of Scentiana beauty brand, I have created my favourite Rescuing Body Balm as an antidote to the modern world. Its transformative properties replenish and rejuvenate tired skin. I exercise daily, frequently wear high-heels at business meetings, fashion weeks and photoshoots, and after a long week my go-to method of recovery is either deep tissue massage with the balm or reflexology. The balm is formulated with retinol to help stimulate natural collagen production, coupled with arnica and calendula to soothe and repair. I wake up to beautiful smoother, firmer skin, and ready for a new day.

This is The Body Issue – what are your non-negotiable, game-changing self and body practices?

I meditate every day, and for me, this gives me space for moments of mindfulness, reflection and inspiration. Scent plays a key part in my practice, and I’ll deeply inhale the Scentiana Sensual Body Oil with Rose Damascena, Indian Jasmine and Neroli to calm the nervous system and help to focus my mind.

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