MACH & MACH has become an iconic brand in the fashion space and it’s all down to the pioneering energy of founders, designers and sisters Nina and Gvantsa Macharashvili. Hailing from Georgia, the pair have put the country’s fashion space on the map with their unique and daring designs which are now loved by thousands the globe over and interestingly, it was during the COVID-19 pandemic that this explosion of popularity occurred.

Now stocked on major e-commerce sites and stores including NET-A-PORTER, Mytheresa, OUNASS, Harrods, Saks Fifth Avenue, Selfridges and more, it’s safe to say MACH & MACH is a fashion player that’s here to stay. But the journey to get here wasn’t easy. In this exclusive interview with Emirates Woman, the founders have admitted that over the past 10 years the “changing industry” of fashion has been “challenging to navigate”. But being true believers in their energy and designs, this duo always knew their hard work would reap the benefits. “Success is behind hard times and the paycheque is always proportional to the challenges you overcome,” the sisters explain.

Below, Nina and Gvantsa share their brand story with Emirates Woman which details the highs, lows and everything in between.

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The story

In 2012 we created the brand. At that time Nina had just finished medical university and I was still studying fashion design. It was a very obvious decision as we always dreamt to create a fashion label, where we could make unique and beautiful pieces, which would make peoples life’s more beautiful.

The journey

Fashion is a dynamic and fast-changing industry. It was really challenging to navigate especially for a young brand like MACH & MACH. However, success is behind hard times and the payback is always proportional to the challenges you overcome. To support this narrative, we will provide an example – the most challenging time for the brand was the pandemic, however during this period MACH & MACH become an international brand, and also the brand’s most popular product was been created. We are happy that our product now makes the earth a better place to live for thousands of people all over the world.

The inspiration

Our inspiration has always been the universe, life dynamics, the feminine energy that drives the world, people around the globe, especially our customers who love our brand and this means a whole world to us.

Mach & mach Heels

The pioneering designs

Our real obsession is the process of working on the product itself. In each little detail, we are putting our absolute energy and whole heart. There is no better reward for us than if these pieces become iconic for others, this feels like receiving all the love back and this cycle is unbelievably amazing. The thing that makes MACH & MACH unique is the spirit of the brand, which is pure and very intense at the same time. We are not afraid of taking risks and still remain delicate moderation of the brand. It’s all about real authenticity, freshness, and creativity.

Growth in the GCC

It is very important for us that we have explored these regions [the Middle East] since the customers here tend to have not only an incredible natural sense of fashion but they are very educated in this field, which makes them one of the most interesting high-end fashion consumers. Thus, the fact that our product is popular in the region is very exciting for us.

The motivation

There is no better reward for us than to be creators and to be able to express ourselves with art, especially when our creations are loved, appreciated, and admired.


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The challenges

The first and major challenge was at the beginning to find the courage and confidence to follow a childhood passion and launch our own fashion label back in Georgia. The second challenge was to maintain the same enthusiasm and dedication despite numerous storms around our journey. To retain the strong power of will that finally led us to success. And the last one so far is the pandemic period, despite unbelievably hard circumstances, we managed to make the brand international, with no start-up capital on hand.

The successes

Each storm in our career led us to the other side of the river, where success was waiting for us. Our major milestones so far have been launching our own fashion label without experience; taking the brand global without capital and funding; and obtaining the love of our customers from all over the globe.

The future

We have really ambitious future plans and as always, we are going to follow our passion. Although, we believe in the power of constant development and we cannot restrict ourselves to more specific plans from the current perspective. What we are sure about is that MACH & MACH will bring extra happiness to our customers in the future.

Being pioneers

It’s a huge responsibility of course to be called a pioneer in an industry full of professionalism and excellence.

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