Jennifer Stelco, Hybrid Heroine

Be it as a dynamic home-maker, an active working professional, a dedicated mother and wife or the philanthropic giver – there is no denying that women today have trumped at every role they play. Celebrating the power and strength of women is two creative projects: one that merges influential figures through art and another that promotes heroines via comic strips.

When it comes to singing the praises of women who have helped make a difference to our world these two very different projects do so with panache, even if some of those women are fantastical… Hybrid Heroine

Jennifer Stelco, Hybrid Heroine

From March 14 to 23, Australian, Dubai-based artist Jennifer Stelco is bringing her impressive Hybrid Heroine collection to the Cartoon Art Gallery.

Hybrid Heroine is a jovial celebration of influential women throughout history. The collection is comprised of 25 unique digital images, each highlighting two influential female figures whose images are morphed together – Pink blends with Pocahontas, Princess Diana is paired with Motown group The Supremes, while Lady Gaga joins artist Frida Kahlo – hence the hybrid.

The result is a genius, and frankly unique, way to promote the skills and qualities of each of the admirable ladies. Inspired by the art? You can buy the pieces during the exhibition.

The Cartoon Art Gallery, 4b Street, Al Quoz 1, Dubai. (04) 3266467.  

Jennifer Stelco, Hybrid Heroine


Comicave Wonderwoman

On this International Women’s Day, Comicave, the world’s largest comic and superheroes collectibles store in Dubai, pays tribute to the wondrous world of women superheroes.

The store is hosting several exciting promotions on popular merchandise revolving around woman power and leading female superheroes and villains.

Comicave, which is located at the Dubai Outlet Mall and is spread across 17,000 sq ft of space, specialises in exclusive comics, collectibles and action figurines of female superheroes including Cat Woman, Bat Girl, Black Widow, Wonder Woman, Emma Frost, Spider Woman, Miss Marvel, Super Girl, Poison Ivy, Thor Girl and She-Hulk.

The store houses over 5,000 comic books and hundreds of popular collectibles and pop culture merchandise, from life size figurines to scaled down version of superheroes.

Garage Comicave

Whether you embrace your inner superhero desires or channel your artistic side, do what you can to help promote International Women’s Day…