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From influential bloggers to entertaining vloggers and stylish insta-glammers, we bring you the people you need to follow online and on social media. This week allow us to introduce Jules Yap, the founder of IKEA Hackers. 

Who is Jules Yap?

Jules is actually a pseudonym for the creator of the blog which shows you how to revamp and customise IKEA furniture. “I was flipping through the IKEA catalogue and saw the Jules chair and thought, why not? So it sorta stuck and those who know me through this site do call me Jules,” she explains of how she chose her new name.

ikea hacker

Despite many thinking Jules must work for IKEA, after all she is promoting the brand’s products, she was recently given and cease-and-desist letter from IKEA who weren’t happy with her using their name. With Jules almost backing down, there was a public up roar from her fans. Eventually recognising how Jules brings positive attention to their brand, the creative engineer recently met with the Swedish company about forging some kind of partnership deal! Not bad for the blogger who launched her site in 2006 to “capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever modifications done on IKEA items.”

The website is genius, literally transforming IKEA pieces into bespoke interiors. Check it out the site for yourself.


Why follow Jules?

The site is perfect for those who are renting and don’t want to spend a fortune on furniture or simply those who love DIY projects.


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