Productivity and style

Enhance your office space at home with Insta-worthy elements so that your working hours are even more productive.

Having a designated space adds some structure to your day, especially during this time of uncertainty. Keeping to a routine is crucial, as well as dressing in a way that’s comfortable yet shows you mean business. The next step is to create an working environment that’s inviting.

Let’s start with the basics. You need a desk and a stylish and supportive chair to accompany. We suggest going for a minimalist design, but don’t be afraid to play with muted colours. Then comes the lighting to brighten up the space, and here at team EW we also love to have a few candles lit, ideally a lifting fragrance like Neom Organics Feel Refreshed candle that contains Sicilian lemon and fresh basil.

Plants are a great way to enhance the home and detox the air, quirky stationary are fun to play with when you need a moment to think, and everyone requires a trusty mug of tea or coffee to get through an afternoon slump.

Ready to boost your work space? Scroll across for our top picks.

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