Can you believe it has been five years since the world first got hooked on the #selfie thanks to the launch of new social media platform Instagram? To celebrates the image sharing network’s birthday, and its new global status, we look at its history and finest moments. #nofilter

Instagram’s founder and CEO, Kevin Systrom, must be over the moon as not only did the platform become a global app from September 30 but today Instagram turns five and boast 400 million daily users.

What makes Instagram such a success is that, like Facebook and Twitter, it connects a global community, however it stands out from the other two through the power of its visual storytelling, or as they like to call it, its ability to illuminate.

Every single day, around the world, over 80 million photos are shared with those generating 3.5 billion likes.

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In such a short space of time Instagram has overtaken over social media sites, becoming the most popular within the UAE. There are over 8 million Instagram users in the MENA region – that’s higher than anywhere else in the world.

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Obviously, taking note on to how important this growth is, Instagram has also allowed the opportunity for brands to advertise on its platform. While the ads look like regular posts they now have Sponsored written on the top right corner. Unlike a normal post the ad pages can have call to action links, something that will appeal to many brands, especially those wanting to run targeted campaigns.

But enough about the figures, here are the five most popular celebrity Instagram accounts: