Social media fanatics and digital whiz kids are rejoicing today as Instagram finally lets users switch among multiple accounts.

If you just have the one Instagram account then this might not excite you so much but anyone who has, for example, a private account and an another account for their work or business(es) will know how incredible frustrating it is to have to constantly log in and out in order to go between different accounts. It’s not only time consuming but one accounts generally suffers from lack of attention due to the tiresome back and forth process.

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But, alas no more is this a problem as Instagram follows in the footsteps of Facebook and Twitter and allows you to be in control of multiple accounts at the same time – you can manage up to five in total.

instagram multiple accounts

Hooray! Instagram now allows you to have multiple accounts

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To set up multiple accounts is relatively easy, you just need to make sure you have the latest version of the app (7.15). Then you need to follow the below instructions:

Go to your profile and click on the bolt icon or three dots on the top right corner. Scroll down and tap Add Account. Then simply add the username and password of the account you’d like to add.

To switch between accounts go to your profile,. tape your username at the top of the screen and tap the account you wish to switch to.

One snag is, multiple accounts much more push notifications. However, Instagram has thought this through and allow you to turn on or off push notifications per account.

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We couldn’t be more delighted by the news. Hopefully, allowing you to add clickable links in Instagram will follow soon…

instagram multiple accounts

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