We’re sure you’ve had multiple moments whne you’re looking through Instagram stories, watching your friends from all over the world and you get that message which says: “Music is not available in this region”.

Up until now, the music feature on the photo and video sharing app was not available in the Middle Eastern region. However, that has now changed, as adding popular hits to your Facebook and Instagram stories is now finally possible.

This feature now helps people to express themselves while connecting and sharing while they discover relevant new content.

Music with headphones

Enabled on March 8, 2021, MENA users can access this global feature now in this part of the world.

To add music to your Instagram stories, you simply need to follow these easy steps:

Step 1:
Open the camera feature on Instagram

Step 2:

Select a photo or even a video from the gallery

Step 3:

Tap the sticker icon and add the music sticker to the media

Step 4:

After choosing a song of your choice – you can pick which part you would like to highlight on your stories whether the artist’s name or the track title.

Step 5

You can then tap to change the animation, text style and move around the lyrics to rotate it or resize it as per your liking.

In addition, your followers are also able to respond to your questions sticker with a song from their music library allowing you to then share your favourite ones on stories for both Facebook and Instagram.

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Feature image: Unsplash