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The inspiration behind the new revised culinary offering at Pierchic

Pierchic boasts unparalleled views of the Arabian Gulf alongside a new revised culinary offering delivered by Head Chef Beatrice Segoni and her team. We discuss what it takes to deliver both comfort and precision in the culinary space.

Talk us through your career history.

My first job was originally in the fashion industry. I had my own company in Italy, which I eventually sold. I started my journey in the culinary world by working with my husband, who, at the time, owned a restaurant. I quickly fell in love with the kitchen when a good friend of mine took me under his wing and taught me the basics of Italian cuisine and how to respect the job and the ingredients.

Over the years, I had the opportunity to work with great Italian chefs who taught me new cooking techniques and showed me how great Italy is in terms of the quality of the raw ingredients available.

I opened my first restaurant in a small city in the Marche region next to the sea, where I had grown up, from there I discovered my great love for both the kitchen and the sea. After a few years, I moved to Florence for a new challenge and opened Borgo San Jacopo, located in the heart of the city in the Hotel Lungarno. I had the pleasure of being at the helm for 12 amazing years. My next adventure was at Konnubio in Florence, a popular restaurant recognised for its rustic charm, where I was the Chef Patron and managed the kitchen for five years. After those five years, a friend of mine, who was working with Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts at that time, asked me “What do you think about Dubai?”. Everything moved very quickly after that and here I am in Dubai.

Pierchic chef

Where does your love for food originate from?

My love and passion for food come from the heart. My aim is to communicate emotion through my food and its presentation. Here at Pierchic, dishes are inspired by happy moments spent with my grandmother and all the important lessons she taught me. This is something that brings me great joy and I want to communicate this to everyone, from my team to our guests.

What eventually brought you to Dubai?

Dubai is the future, and to build a great future I think it’s important to remember the past. As my cuisine is built on my past experiences and heritage that are reimagined in a modern way, I want to educate guests on what Italian authenticity is. I strongly believe that it’s important to pass on everything that our mothers and grandmothers have passed on to us.

How does the F&B industry in Dubai differ from other locations globally?

Dubai is a world-renowned culinary destination, with a great balance of international and home-grown concepts. It’s a collaborative industry where everyone can find opportunities, share skills and learn from each other. A lot of us are here to amplify our culture and traditions and to create unique and memorable experiences.

Pierchic exteriors

With a myriad of restaurant openings across the UAE, how do you think Pierchic helps elevate the culinary scene in this region?

Pierchic offers guests an authentic taste of Italy by the sea, showcasing rich culture and heritage through a chic gastronomic experience. We effortlessly combine refined presentation and exceptional service to create a story of authentic coastal Italian cuisine.

What are the hero dishes?

The signature dishes are the ones inspired by my family recipes and my birthplace – dishes that use freshly made artisanal pasta, including Plin Di Faraona Con Crema Di Parmigiano and Chitarrine Sea Food, a Marche specialty seafood soup Brodetto and Eggplant Parmigiana, dishes that Italians are renowned for around the world.

As the F&B space is largely male-dominated. What has been your experience as a female chef?

I have never considered my male colleagues as adversaries. I always treat them with respect and vice versa, I have always received the same in return. During my career, I have had great male mentors that have taught me life-long culinary lessons, one of them encouraged me to make the move to Dubai. I think the most important thing to understand as you navigate through the industry is to show respect and not let anyone treat you with disrespect.

Which have been the largest hurdles you’ve had to overcome to date?

I have experienced many hurdles along the way but the love and passion that I feel through what I do are what fuels me to overcome them. As a woman, we are told to focus on our career, family and even children while remaining strong. Personally, I found my strength in my passion. I love what I am doing and I love when guests show satisfaction and feel like they are at home.

What have been the key milestones?

The key milestones include opening my first restaurant – Torcoletto in Porto Recanti, my first hotel experience – Borgo San Jacopo in Florence, working at Konnubio in Florence and now working with Jumeirah at Pierchic.

Pierchic food

What advice would you give to those starting out in their careers?

My advice would be to follow your dreams. To never give up and do everything with your heart and passion. Love makes a big noise and sooner or later, someone will hear it.

What do you see next for Pierchic?

I am constantly working on creating new dishes and innovative concepts for Pierchic as at Jumeirah, we are always focused on meeting the ever-evolving needs of our guests. I want our guests to truly understand authentic Italian and coastal cuisine. For example, I recently conceptualized a signature tasting menu that was a modern expression of flavour and a culinary journey through the senses.

This is ‘The Icon Issue’ – who are the icons that inspire you?

The icons that inspire me are three renowned Italian chefs: Mauro Uliassi, Enrico Bartolini and Gianfranco Vissani. Uliassi because of his great experience with seafood, Bartolini for his amazing entrepreneurial skills and Vissani for his knowledge – he knows the best products in the world. My last suggestion for the industry is for all the women who want to start their careers in the kitchen. Always look inside you. Find your identity and your origins, and work with passion and power, as women can do. We are all daughters of our past and we cannot reject it, but we can build on it.

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