Modern love

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Maisan 15


Tamila and Ahmed


Maisan 15


A gift from one of the bridesmaids

Entertainment and Music

Shef Codes, Frezidante, Dan Greenpeace, Liutik, Parvané, Karrouhat
and Cheb Moha


Kristina Kiseleva, Young Habibti & Ahmed

modern dubai wedding

The scene was set at Sole DXB in 2016, Tamila was working at a stall very close to Ahmed’s and over the weekend they met. Tamila found Ahmed intriguing yet intimidating and only decided to make contact with him two years after the event:

“I messaged Ahmed wondering about his plans for the night, only to find out we’ll be going to the same club. So, we planned to meet for coffee beforehand, which is where we got to know each other. About a month later we went out on a first date, and about three months later, he proposed. A year later we had the wedding of our dreams,” explains Tamila.

modern dubai wedding

The couple chose to host their wedding reception at Maisan 15 in Dubai as they love the intimate atmosphere, and it was also very important that they only be surrounded by their immediate family and friends. “We had worked on the guest list for a while to make sure none of our friends were left out and thankfully we made up our minds to only invite our families and closest friends,” says Tamila.

modern dubai wedding

The dress code was Formal + Strictly Sneakers with the bride wearing Pronovias, choosing the dress because of the stunning train and turtle neck, sneakers were courtesy of Nike. “My bridesmaids were my closest girls, Liutik, Rana, Kris and Parv. I didn’t pick their dresses because one of the things I love them for is their incredible style. The only thing they had to follow was the colour theme I picked for the bridesmaids which was blue,” Tamila shared.

modern dubai wedding

Guests dined on Uzbek, Thai and Arabic cuisine whilst being entertained by the region’s most influential Dj’s, Shef Codes, Frezidante, Dan Greenpeace, Liutik, Parvané, Karrouhat and Cheb Moha who each gifted a set to the couple, all organised as a surprise by Ahmed.

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