Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding celebration in Italy was a multi-day extravaganza that combined luxurious events with heartfelt tributes.


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The couple kicked off the festivities with a welcome lunch in Sicily, followed by a star-studded formal party featuring a surprise concert by the Backstreet Boys.

A “throwback” toga party with a David Guetta DJ set paid homage to their college years, while a formal masquerade ball at a historic chateau saw them dressed in custom Versace and archival Yves Saint Laurent for Dior.

The celebrations culminated in a magical evening in Portofino, where guests enjoyed an open-air market and a performance by legendary tenor Andrea Bocelli.

Throughout the festivities, Radhika’s outfit choices were a thoughtful blend of couture and custom creations, including a gown featuring a love letter from Anant and a unique “toga” designed by a fellow New York fashionista.

Radhika Merchant’s wardrobe for the pre-wedding festivities in Italy was a mix of couture pieces and custom creations, showcasing her personal style and commemorating her relationship with Anant Ambani.

Here’s a look at 5 of her standout outfits:

Throughout the cruise, Radhika accessorized her outfits with statement jewelry. For the masquerade ball, she wore a bridal fascinator as her mask and a blue opal necklace with diamonds (her birthstone and Anant’s, respectively).

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Images: Joseph Radhik, German Larkin and Instagram: @ambani_update