Emirates Woman‘s resident gym bunnies Alexandria Gouveia and  Lyndsey Steven ask whether they need their heads examined before trying an extreme fitness Insanity workout at Emirates Golf Club. #EWGetsFit

It’s the top-selling home fitness DVD in the States loved by the likes of Demi Lovato and Missy Elliott and now Insanity, a high-intensity cardio workout class, has hit our shores.

#EWGetsFit, Insanity

EW’s Alexandria Gouveia and Lyndsey Steven get into the Insanity workout

What is it?

Cardio-based, the total-body conditioning programme focuses on interval training, believed to be a faster way of burning calories. It promises, in fact, to burn up to 1,000 calories in 50 minutes – that’s the equivalent of one Burger King Triple Whopper, six packets of peanuts or 10 bananas. The equipment-free classes target the entire body with lengthy periods of high intensity exercise and very short cool downs. Instructor Tracy takes you through a warm up (a workout in itself) and then three different blocks of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), with each one targeting a different element of fitness. All of these contain three sets broken up by a siren (which very often doesn’t seem to come quickly enough). What’s worse though, is the high-powered 60-seconds of heart-pumping exercises that round off each set.

#EWGetsFit, Insanity


If a competitive spirit lies within you and you’re the type of person who revels in intense workouts that push you beyond your limits, then Insanity is for you. The non-stop strenuous stamina training claims to improve fitness in 60 days, and, if practiced weekly, you will see and feel results. According to our FitBit we completed just over 3,000 steps during the class.

#EWGetsFit, Insanity

Super-fit Lyndsey attends to her hair while Alexandria struggles to catch her breath

The Details

Classes for non-members are Dhs50 and Dhs60 for the 30- and 50-minute sessions respectively. Sunday 7.05 pm (50 min), Monday 8.45am (50 min), Tuesday 7.05pm – 50 min class, Thursday 10am (30 min)

#EWGetsFit, Insanity


FitLab is at Emirates Golf Club, visit dubaigolfclub.com or call (04) 417 9850 for more info.

#EWGetsFit, Insanity