Hooray!!! Finally an app that allows to you manage more than one Instagram account at the same time has been created. Say hello to our new best friend, Innbx.

Brndstr a Dubai-based tech startup has officially launched Innbx, a free mobile application developed to enhance the way brands engage with users on Instagram.



Not only does it allow to manage multiple accounts, but it also allows you to categorise followers in groups and to save social content directly onto mobile phones. The only problem is you can’t actually create a post from the app and while you can save content you can’t regram it, which means you still need to log in and out of accounts. That said it is quite handy to see all the content and feeds from both accounts from one post.

Innbx was developed initially for creative agencies to manage and monitor several Instagram accounts and hashtags as part of any Brndstr campaign.

Simon Hudson, CEO and Founder of Brndstr commented: “With the launch of Innbx, companies will now have an opportunity to take their marketing campaigns to the next level and as posted content continues to grow, we believe users will find the ability to group content extremely useful.”

The Innbx app is available today for free for download from Google Play, android and on iTunes

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