The beauty of a white shirt

When Karl Lagerfeld passed away in February this year, he left behind a legacy that will continue to inspire designers of today and the future.


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Throughout the year, several tributes and events have been held in his honour and now his eponymous label has launched a campaign with several famous names.

Apart from his characteristic pony tail and sunglasses, the late German designer was never seen without his signature white shirt, which has inspired the ‘The White Shirt Project’.

Celebrating the iconic style, the brand has enlisted a number of famous names to contribute their own personal design, including Ingie Chalhoub and Diala Makki.

They join the likes of Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss, Tommy Hilfiger, Lewis Hamilton, Alessandro Michele, Diane Kruger, Amber Valletta, among others in creating a unique piece.


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The concept of Ingie’s shirt reflects a sense of modernity of fashion in contemporary times, whilst infusing Ingie Chalhoub’s own creative influences into the design, combining glamour with sophisticated couture.

The shirt is designed with a curated assortment of luxury materials including white feathers, using intricate techniques involving embroidery, lace and crystals ornamented onto the shirt itself.


Makki collaborated with design duo Azzi & Osta: “The young Lebanese designers gave life to my vision and interpretation adding their creative touch and expertise. Based on a mood board I shared with them we decided to add a cape-like raffled extra volume from the same fabric of the shirt (poplin) and the hand with the glove was thread embroidery on tulle. The message on the back is also thread embroidery in personal, handwriting style.

As ‘seven’ was Lagerfeld’s favourite number, seven of the final designs will be replicated 77 times each. You will be able to purchase them on and from September 26 and they will be priced at €777.


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All proceeds will go to the French charity Sauver la Vie – a French charity program that supports the advancement of medical research at the Paris Descartes University Foundation.

And if you’re in Paris during fashion week, you will be able to see all of the designs up close during an exhibition.

Who can resist a white shirt?

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