Ina Beissner is carving out a new take on modern fine jewellery with diamond inlays crafted in unexpected ways.

What do your first 30 mins of the day look like, your morning routine?

My mornings are usually quite hectic because I have a five-year-old son. The first minutes of my day I spend cuddling him, then I quickly check my emails, news and Instagram.

What is the DNA of the brand, its core values?

Timeless and understated designs, yet refreshingly modern and sophisticated. I juxtapose nordic minimalism with pre-Columbian elements in sophisticated designs, manufactured only on request with the most precious certified ethically sourced materials.

How did you know it was the right time to launch Ina Beissner and what was the catalyst for you to make the leap?

After my fashion and jewellery design studies, I was seeking the perfect job in the fashion industry. I was interested in many fields, so I gathered experience in fashion PR, fashion design and editorial but could not see myself in any of those roles long-term.


My heart had always beaten for jewellery as I love the three-dimensional aspect, compared to fashion design. I came to a point, where I couldn’t imagine doing anything else but design jewellery, so I felt confident in launching my own brand.

Do you feel more drawn to the creative or the business side of the brand and how have you grown the team to support this?

I am definitely a creative person. Business has been a learn-by-doing process and very intuitive since I never studied business – but I have grown to love the business part of the job.

What has been the biggest hurdle since launching and how did you navigate this?

The biggest hurdle was to find the right production site and to trust them. Fortunately, since I started my fine jewellery line, I have found excellent manufacture in Antwerp which matches my own quality standards.

Do you have any mentors or guides and how does this help navigate the right path?

Since starting my label, I was lucky enough to always have the orientation of my father- a former manager with a lot of knowledge and experience, who supports me to make the right decisions.

What is the inspiration for your designs and how do you ensure all pieces lead back to the DNA of the brand?

Art and design have been present since my early years. I am inspired by tribal jewellery and every kind of art, in particular: sculptures, installations and design objects. My mother herself is a modern plastic artist -my latest collection is inspired by her and her work. Every collection is an always evolving natural extension of the DNA of my company.

You have clients the globe over – do you see any buying patterns based on regions or countries and have you seen any changes this year as a result of COVID-19?

First of all, throughout the markets, COVID 19 has made people more adaptable to purchase fine jewellery online. But in general, I see the US market as being very spontaneous and confident in their purchase decision, while German customers tend to exchange several emails with me to inquire about the pieces before adding these to their cart.

How has social media affected the fine jewellery business and which platform has been most useful?

Before the social media era, fine jewellery was only readily available in traditional jewellery stores and the occasional eCommerce platform. The media has now made fine jewellery attractive to a younger clientele. Thanks to social media it’s accessible to everyone and small brands and designers get the chance to offer their creations to the whole world and let their clients dive into their creative universe. For me, Instagram is the most useful platform.

Another obvious change is that traditional advertising has been expanded so that the customers also became part of the advertising by wearing and promoting my brand.

What tips would you give anyone wanting to invest in a fine piece of jewellery?

If you wish to invest in a piece of fine jewellery it is like buying art; it has to speak to you emotionally since jewellery has a big sentimental component.

Buy something you know; you will treasure forever and inform yourself about different diamond qualities and the origin of materials and production in order to protect our planet and humanity.

Ina Beissner

Which piece of jewellery that you own is most special to you and why?

I can´t choose! But I have one all-time favourite piece, which are the CHIKKA creoles with interchangeable pins, my first fine jewellery creation in 2015. It is a minimalist design with a versatile approach because I can mix and match the creoles with the pins in different shapes, materials and colours.

What advice would you give to your younger self starting out?

Not only to enjoy the creative process but also always keep all aspects of numbers and economics in mind.

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