Queen Rania of Jordan shared a glimpse of her family’s 2023 summer break.

Taking some much-needed time off, the Royal Family of Jordan are spending their summer together. Queen Rania, who was away from social media for most of August, shared a few pictures with King Abdulla II of Jordan and her two younger kids, Prince Hashem and Princess Salma.

It has been a busy year for the Jordanian Royal family. The year began with the King and Queen’s oldest daughter, Princess Iman’s grand wedding to Jameel Alexander Thermiotis in March. Followed by the wedding celebrations of the Crown Prince of Hussein and Princess Rajwa Al-Husseins wedding celebrations in June.

As the older Royal kids embarked on new journies with their significant others, the King and Queen of Jordan spent their summer bonding with the younger two. Princess Salma, who recently graduated from the University of Southern California and Prince Hashem, who is now a High School graduate, are making the most of their summer before entering the next busy phase of their lives.

Princess Salma holds the rank of First Lieutenant in the Jordanian Air Force and also holds a degree in archeology. While academically, his path is yet to be revealed to the world, Prince Hashem has recently been filling some big shoes by accompanying His Highness King Abdulla II and Queen Rania on their official visit to Spain. Learning the ropes of their roles early on, both Prince Hashem and Princess Salma have a promising future ahead.

Take a look at the Jordanian Royal family’s quiet summer away from home:

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Images: Feature Image: @queenrania