Over the year, Pilates has taken on a whole new meaning as a workout method. To take it up a notch, Celine has now given it a nuanced luxurious touch for those who love to workout in the most aesthetic manner problem.

Starring in front of the campaign, Kaia Gerber is showing off a razorback cropped top and high-waist biker shorts, but it’s the accessories—the patterned yoga mat, the leather-handled weights, and the monogrammed kettlebell—that really stand out.

The one item that takes center stage throughout the Pilates collection is the reformer, which features a leather carriage covered in Celine’s Logo, complemented by shearling handlebars.

Clearly, Celine and Gerber have managed to take pilates-core to a whole new level. The new Celine pilates collection blends Celine’s iconic Arc de Triumph-inspired logo with a series of styles, ranging from free weights to yoga mats to entire pilates reformers.

Celine isn’t the first luxury house to deck out athletic gear with interlocking logos and house codes. Louis Vuitton currently sells a set of monogrammed dumbbells, while Dior carries an extensive range of workout sets, training mats, and ergonomic medicine balls to pair with your book tote. So it’s great to see luxurious brands entering the fitness realm.

The Pilates Collection

With a history of releasing ultra-luxe lifestyle items, from surfboards to perfume cases, the Parisian brand has entered the fitness realm, with its next-level workout gear featuring yoga mats, yoga blocks, hand weights and kettlebells. This collection is perfect for your hot girl summer dreams now.

The monochromatic color scheme and luxurious materials used in the products, like leather straps and chrome finishes. Overall, it reflects signature aesthetic and attention-to-detail.

So if you’re looking to do your plank in style, this luxurious Celine imprinted.


 The collection will be available at celine.com and in select Celine stores beginning this October.