YSL Beauty has partnered with the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children in order to tackle the global issue of domestic violence, specifically intimate partner violence (IPV).

The violence is highlighted in the form of physical, sexual, financial and emotional abuse by a partner with signs such as intimidation tactics, manipulation and even dominating you to keep you away from friends and family.

Under the Abuse Is Not Love initiative, four pillars are targeted in order to support women in need.

The programme offers support and safe spaces to vulnerable women while providing resources for survivors of violence to find a job. Vocational training will be offered to equip women, domestic violence survivors, to enter the workforce, while female makeup artists also offer these women a chance to enhance their skills in the beauty industry.


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Another key aim of the Abuse Is Not Love programme is to educate over two million people on the signs of IPV by the year 2030. This is set to be done globally, with the programme partnering with local organisations, like here in Dubai, to raise awareness. Similarly, the programme is set to fund research into IPV in academic institutions in order to prevent such violence from occurring.

Stephan Bezy, YSL Beauty’s International General Manager, discussed the initiative explaining that the brand wanted to support to help take “concrete” action against IPV.

“As we began to engage, we really wanted to take action in a concrete, immediate and significant way,” he said.  “Besides supporting our partners, what we can do, is offer our voice and our large and international audience to do our small part in helping to prevent intimate partner violence.

“We will use our voice to amplify the actions of the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children so that more people are aware of their services.”

Sheikha Saeed Al Mansouri, Acting Director-General of Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, highlighted how the organisation continues to shine a light on women’s issues.

“We aim to highlight on the importance of women’s issues and how to interact with them, and also to educate employees about the best ways to protect and support women around them,” she said.

If you are aware of anyone in an abusive relationship, there are plenty of resources that can help out. To contact a group, reach out to the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children on 800111 and facebook.com/safety/domesticviolenceresources for support or visit dfwac.ae

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