Heinz Beck, Iced sphere of promogranate

One of the world’s most respected and renowned three-star Michelin chefs,  Heinz Beck, is participating in the Dubai Food Festival and brings a novel approach of fine-casual dining chic to Dubai. 

Here Heniz Beck shares his dessert recipe for the iced sphere pomegranate gianduja-cream cannelloni filled salty pine seeds chantilly


Gianduja Cream

  • 65ml milk
  • 65ml cream
  • 15g sugar
  • 1 yolk
  • 1 sheet gelatin
  • 80g milk chocolate
  • 8g hazelnut paste


Pastry Cream

  • 500ml milk
  • 150g sugar
  • 1 bean vanilla
  • 3 yolks
  • 40g cornstarch


Salty Pine Seeds Caramel

  • 4g water
  • 92g sugar
  • 92g pine seeds
  • salt to taste


Pomegranate Iced Sphere

  • 300ml pomegranate juice, obtained from about 10 pomegranates
  • sugar
  • salt



  • Pasta brick
  • edible flowers
  • Pomegranate grains



Gianduja Cream

1) Make a custard cream brought to 82°C with milk, cream, sugar and yolks.

2) Add the gelatin previously soaked in cold water.

3) Pour over the melted chocolate and the hazelnut paste.

4) Filter and store in refrigerator.


Pastry Cream

1) Bring the milk to a boil with the vanilla bean and 75 grams of sugar.

2) Mix yolks the rest of the sugar and cornstarch.

3) Pour the boiling milk on the mixture and bring oil to a boil.

4) Cool quickly with the help of a chiller and store in a refrigerator.


Salty Pine Seeds Caramel

1) Whisk water with sugar and add toasted and salted pine seeds.
2) Cook until golden.
3) Spread on baking paper and cool.
4) Blend and store in an airtight container.


Pomegranate Iced Sphere

1) Correct the taste of pomegranate juice with sugar and salt.

2) Insert 25 grams of the liquid inside a balloon with the help of a syringe.

3) Inflate the balloon to the desired size and roll quickly into liquid nitrogen.

4) Store at 30°C for a few minutes then remove the sphere affecting the balloon.

5) Blast.



1) Pour 60 grams of gianduja cream on the platter and store in refrigerator for four hours.

2) Mix the pastry cream with the salty pine seeds caramel and fill the pasta brick cannelloni.

3) Place the cannelloni over the gianduja cream and put the sphere over it.

4) Garnish with edible flowers and pomegranate grains.


Dubai Food Festival is on from February 6 – 26, 2015. Chef Heinz Beck will be participating at Global Restaurant Investment Forum (GRIF), February 16 – 18, Conrad Dubai.