Located in DIFC, upscale restaurant Hutong brings the best of Northern Chinese cuisine to Dubai.

A concept by restaurateur David Yeo, the location conveys a stylish and contemporary take on age-old Chinese traditions.

Upon entrance to Hutong’s indoor setting, patrons attention will be drawn to the restaurant’s centrepiece, a large and captivating wishing tree – a nod to the famous Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees in Hong Kong, the home of the flagship Hutong restaurant.

The charm at Hutong doesn’t stop at the aesthetics. Arrive hungry, as the free-flowing dim sum dishes and craft cocktails are abundant and delightful. The Crystal Vegetable Dumplings and the array of Bao are must-try starter menu items. The freshly carved Peking Duck with pancakes was both delicious and an amazing live spectacle.

The main course options may seem indulgent after ruminating over the assortment of starters and dim sum, but the meals are equally as impressive in quality and taste as the prior plates, with the accompanying pink rice being a memorable dish.

Perhaps the most exciting part of Hutong’s brunch is somehow saved for last, with the presentation of the Signature Dessert Collection at the end of the meal being a moment you’ll want to make room for. The rotating platter of various sweet options, including Coconut Sorbet, Jasmine Tea Brûlée, a spicy Ma La chocolate mousse and a Golden Fortune treat is the ideal way to wrap up your brunch.

If having your lunch carved in front of you and a pivoting tower of desserts within a luxuriously designed interior space somehow leaves you wanting more entertainment, Hutong even provides live performances from musicians and dancers. The live saxophonist complimenting the upbeat electronica background music alongside artfully adorned dancers and stilt walkers prove that Hutong delivers an awe-inclusive brunch experience.

Friday afternoon brunch is the ideal time to enjoy all Hutong has to offer, and the cooler weather in the upcoming winter months will be the perfect season to enjoy dim sum galore on the outdoor dining patio.

If you aren’t already a fan of the Hutong brand, you’ll surely be after your visit to this DIFC hotspot.

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Images: Supplied