Huda Kattan is known for producing some of the best makeup and skincare in the beauty industry, and her makeup skills are second to none.

Over the last 10 years, she’s cultivated an incredible following through sharing her makeup tips on social media, as well as posting photos.

With the growth of social media, particularly Instagram, editing and using filters has become the norm, so deciphering what is real and what is edited online can be difficult. Kattan, too, has admitted she’s felt pressure to edit her photos.

However, in a bid to break down barriers about unattainable beauty standards, the mogul shared an “unedited vs edited” post to unveil the truth behind social media.


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“Edits like this are the reason why I think we need to keep it real and be transparent so people understand the difference between what’s real and fake and don’t believe in an unattainable beauty standard,” she said.

In the post, one photo post showcased the Huda Beauty founder posing on the beach in Dubai. The second photo showed Kattan with a much smaller waist, arms and bigger hips – a very sought after look at present.

Despite having been in the limelight on social media for a long time, the beauty mogul she herself has felt she had to edit her pictures to “fit in”.

“I’ve been in this space for a long time and I’ve felt sooo much pressure myself to edit my pictures and to try to fit into this online idea of the perfect body,” she said.

However, Kattan revealed that’s she going through a journey of learning to love herself.

“I’m learning to be comfortable in my own skin & I hope you can join me on this journey,” she said.

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