While she’s had a fair few product launches over the past few months, Huda Kattan has been rather quiet on the social media front.

The Huda Beauty CEO opened up about why she took a short hiatus on social media after revealing she had been getting a lot of questions from people asking where she had been.

In a seven-minute video she posted to her personal Instagram page, the 36-year-old revealed she needed a break after admitting things in her life have moved at an incredibly rapid pace over the past 10 years since launching her Huda Beauty blog.

“Things have moved so fast for myself and my family and my team since starting my blog in 2010 – it’s been 10 years,” she explained.

Kattan went on to reflect on her younger years as a child, admitting she always felt unattractive. When she discovered makeup, she felt it was the tool that was going to give her the “power” to make herself feel better.

“At the time I didn’t realise I don’t need those tools – I didn’t realise I had it within me,” she said. “At the time, I thought it was always the products that made me feel that way.


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“Now, I know better, now I know we have so much power within us.”

Recalling when she started her blog over a decade ago, Kattan admitted she thought she was just going to be “a service to people” as a source of information when it comes to makeup and beauty.

“I never in a million years thought I was going to have a business – thought I was going to have a brand and sell products,” she said.

Little did she know Huda Beauty would turn into a globally recognised beauty brand and would eventually go onto launch a skincare line too – Wishful. However, along with this Kattan reveals she consistently had to be on her top game to continue the success she was experiencing.

“I had to become a higher version of myself continuously,” she said. “I don’t know if I ever took a moment to centre myself.”

With Kattan having been on the constant grind, ensuring her brand would be as successful as it could be, the beauty CEO admitted she needed time to reconnect with herself, hence the hiatus on social media.

“I needed time to go back to the most basic version of myself,” she said, adding ti was extremely “liberating and empowering to do so”.

However, the much-needed break has left the makeup mogul more ready than ever to get back to creating content, connecting with her creative side and connecting with her audience. “I want to share things I haven’t before,” she added.

It sounds like there’s plenty of exciting things happening with Kattan and Huda Beauty, so watch this space.

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