“This topic is pretty embarrassing for me to open up…”

Sometimes it’s blindingly obvious, sometimes it’s more subtle, but either way, there’s a lot of Facetune use on the average Instagram feed these days.

The photo-editing app is hugely popular but most who use Facetune probably wouldn’t cop to it. One who will? Dubai’s own Huda Kattan.

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The makeup artist and entrepreneur posted on Instagram on Wednesday to say she thinks it’s gone far enough.


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Alongside a before-and-after shot using Facetune, and a video that shows the difference between the two, Kattan voiced her concerns.

“I started feeling like people were waaay too into Facetune (myself included), but we don’t need it as much as we think we do and I feel sometimes we go too far,” she wrote.

Kattan says that the example used is exaggerated, but more low-key versions fly under the radar.

“Are you guys a fan of photoshop or do you think people take it took far?” she asked her followers.

“This topic is pretty embarrassing for me to open up about but I feel it has to be done.”

While Kattan said she wasn’t willing to 100 per cent quit Facetune, she called for the makeup community as a whole to tone it down.

The app, which costs Dhs15 to download, is the number one photo editing app in 127 countries. It’s been downloaded over 20 million times, the Guardian reported earlier in March.

In February, model Chrissy Teigen told her 9.95 million Twitter followers she thought it was time to “chill out a bit” on Facetune.

Zeev Farbman, CEO of the company behind the app, told the Guardian he wasn’t concerned how people used his app.

“Social media is not a reality show, it’s a director’s cut of your life. Some people are more successful in creating that director’s cut than others.”

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Images: Huda Kattan/Instagram