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Behind every new Huda Beauty launch there are years of research, especially if it’s a first for the brand.

Looking at the staggering amount of products, we couldn’t believe that until this very moment Huda Kattan has never released a mascara. It seems like a key product for any beauty brand, but it took Huda more than four years to create a mascara that can take on the false lashes that she’s rarely spotted without.

huda beauty mascara

LEGIT Lashes mascara features not one, but two full-sized mascaras as well as two different formulas in one product.Both ends are loaded with Huda’s signature extra black, Black-2 Liquid pigment.


“When it comes to beauty, I usually say bigger is better, but when I’ve only got five minutes to fake a full set of fluttery eyelashes, LEGIT Lashes is my go-to,” the beauty mogul says.

On one end of the the product you have curved brush with nine rows of bristles that are dipped into a unique formula that grips each lash, bringing length and curl to your lashes. Not only that, but the formula is packed with 5mm lengthening fibres that work to mimic natural lashes.

huda beauty mascara

Use the other end if you want to achieve maximum volume without the heaviness. Low gravity fibres wrap each lash in weightless volume that doesn’t feel stiff or clumpy. Thanks to the intertwined petal-shaped bristles on the brush, you can build volume without the weight.

Verdict: The geometric shape of the brush makes it easy to hold, the formula is beautifully black and even when we applied it on top of existing mascara, the formula didn’t feel dense or sticky. The formula is also evenly distributed through all the bristles so you never feel like either of the brushes is overloaded with product.

Launching on ShopHudaBeauty, with Retailers In-Store and Online on May 20th, 2020.

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